Rainbow Dragon

Anyone can marry a Prince or prick their finger on a spinning wheel.but you can tell a real princess because she thinks about things.

I think we have a message here.There are a few of those subtle little messages the author tries to get across Like speak with authority, be nice,THINK before you speak.

PRINCESS JOSEPHINE & the RAINBOW DRAGON is a very nice hardcover picture book published by Boissevain Books. Very colorfully illustrated by Brigid Marlin (at least half of it anyway). Like the movie Wizard of oz the first half is illustrated in black and white then *POOF*  COLOR!

Through the actions of Princess Josephine Author Kate Bodsworth has written a book that I feel was written to show children how to act  and behave responsibly and maybe deal with adversity. So, the princess wakes up one morning and all the color has been sucked out of her kingdom by You guessed it! A color eating Dragon. The only one that can save her kingdom and confront this dragon is Josephine herself. The crises is solved not though violence or argument but by talking things out and listening to each other, How about that! Maybe more adults should try that.

princess_josephine_and_the_rainbow_dragonPrincess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon is a magical story for children about a princess who lives in a world filled with beautiful colors that suddenly disappear.  When Princess Josephine wakes up to a black and white world, she learns that a Dragon is eating all of the colors. Determined to bring color back to the world, Princess Josephine draws on her “Princess School” training and bravely sets out to defeat the Dragon.  Upon meeting the Dragon, she learns that he is eating the colors to survive and cleverly resolves the problem peacefully, bringing victory to both sides and restoring color for all. This beautifully illustrated hardcover book shares important lessons of courage, determination, and compassion. For children aged five and over.


Kate Bodsworth, is an established writer and editor based in London. The illustrator, Brigid Marlin, is an accomplished artist, illustrator and writer based in the UK. Her previous books include, A Meaning for Danny, about her son’s challenges with Asperger Syndrome, and The Box House, the story of an abused child that is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Ms. Marlin is also the founder of the Society for Art of the Imagination. Both illustrator and author are descendants of Hilda van Stockum. Brigid is Hilda’s daughter, Ms. Bodsworth, her granddaughter.

Brigid Marlin was born in Washington, DC but has spent most of her life in England, where she resides. She is known primarily as an artist, and is the Founder and Director of the Society for Art and Imagination. Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon. written by Kate Bodsworth, and illustrated by Brigid, is her most recent book


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