One lace at a time

Unless you are a princess living in the past, you’d probably flinch at the idea of another person dressing you. And yet once upon a

You Go Girl be proud of Yourself
You Go Girl be proud of Yourself

time you were not able to dress yourself. Your parents helped you until you were ready to zip a zipper and tie a lace. Careful design of a child’s wardrobe can inspire a child to dress themselves.

Word of advice

Things become tedious if the wardrobe is in disarray. Help your child keep clothes organized and they will develop good housekeeping habits early on. Easy access to all their clothes will give them ideas and allow them to be creative with their daily outfit. Here are a few tips on how your kid’s bedroom can be a great space for a child to learn to get ready on their own initiative.

Easy Access

As a general rule, what we can reach easily is what we use most. Why reach

for a T-shirt on that upper shelf when we still might be looking at a couple of clean shirts lying temptingly before us. The same can be said of children. Design easy access shelves at eye level, not too high off the ground depending on a child’s age. Hooks and pegs can be strategically placed throughout the room, for easy access. Lay out items ready, for the week, or fashionable accessories. A make shift clothing line can work as a perfect solution to display accessories while being a funky, colorful way to decorate the bedroom.

Choose for tomorrow together

Getting everyone off and where they need to be can be a challenge, especially when you have your own schedule to manage. One way to avoid delay is by preparing. To get your child interested in what they wear why not assemble a daily outfit together? Their involvement will have them excited and making dress decisions for the next day. For young children certain clothes can be assembled in advance. Typically knots needs assistance until the age of five.

Part of staying organized means keeping unneeded clothing items stowed and out of the way. When certain items have been outgrown remove those from the assembly, a streamlined wardrobe will keep the decision making process fun, while your child’s bedroom will be looking splendid and well kept.


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