Microsoft Surface Book 3


This book combines the art of fairy houses with a magical adventure of four kids on the ocean shores.  This book is a descriptive book featuring many elements of nature and nature’s habitat.   Three kids have a love for fairy houses and shows how the kids use nature and its elements to create little houses made for fairies.  The kids build these fairy houses along the ocean shores and also view one while snorkeling underwater.  The kids go to an island to help clean up the island and the area surrounding a Cornell Marine Lab.  During the kids and parents stay at the island, they assist with solving a mystery of “the lobster boat thief.”  During their stay, the kids explore nature, take in all the sights and smells of the island along with building a few of their own fairy houses.  The kids discover many ocean creatures, develop friendships, build trust with one and other and experience the ocean and nature at its finest.

Before this book, I have always been curious about what a fairy house is.  I consider myself a creative individual, always looking for ways to expand upon my creativity in the newest craft.  My four year old daughter has become my twin, who also loves to be creative.  My daughter has quite the imagination and sharing in the building of a fairy house would be the perfect new imaginative, nature craft for the two of us to share together!  This book is geared towards middle child readers or perhaps a parent to read with their child and then maybe after they read the book-the parent and child could create their own fairy house together!

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