Nujran Prince of Typgar and the Corpse in the Quadrangle

Krishna Sudhir

 Krishna Sudhir has written Book Two of the Nujran series which is a combination of fantasy, cultural exploration, and a coming-of-age adventure.  ‘Nujran Prince of Typgar and the Corpse in the Quadrangle’ takes our Prince Nujran to college where he is learning even Nujran Prince of Typgarmore about himself and what he needs to know.  Nujran while at college he is experiencing what all other college students experience, as well as finding a murder case that needs solving and wondering if he is going to be somewhat involved somehow.  His family’s enemies are still after what they think they want, too.  Nujran and his friends will wonder about how these things are occurring, but when Nujran’s teacher, the Maestro, and the Monks of Meirar arrive to take over when most of the professors suddenly become ill.  Nujran will also begin to develop a deeper relationship with someone a year ahead of him in school.

Krishna Sudhir has written this sequel that further explores ideas and relationships and the roles that one will happen upon in life.  He has written a visual story from his use of descriptions of the characters to the scenes in which they are involved, as well as to all the acts that the characters can perform to learn and solve this mystery.  In this sequel, Krishna Sudhir creatively uses virtual reality in various ways and deals with sexual identity and dealing with forms of social media.  He even includes the use of holograms for communication.  Krishna Sudhir is a doctor and he uses some of his medical terms sprinkled throughout the book that once again would make for a great book discussion group to continue to share thoughts on what is presented in the story of Nujran.  I cannot wait to see what happens next. Will Nujran become King?

2020ISBN:  978-1-64850-878-3NotionPress.com235 pages


About the Author

Krishna Sudhir is the author of the Prince of Typgar novels, a fantasy fiction series for young adults. Planned as a trilogy, the first two in the series are Nujran and the Monks of Meirar, and Nujran and the Corpse in the Quadrangle. In addition to being a writer, he is a physician, cardiologist, educator, and entrepreneur. Born in Chennai, India, he has lived and worked in three countries, namely India, Australia, and the US. He is currently based in the Bay Area in California, where he is a senior executive in the medical device industry. In his academic career, he has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students at major Australian and American universities. He is passionate about educating the general public on health and medicine and has authored several TED-Ed videos on healthcare. He has traveled extensively across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America, and is deeply interested in cultures, languages, and cuisines across the globe. He enjoys watching movies, listening to music, reading detective novels, and cooking Indian food. While well-published in the medical field as the author of over 180 scientific publications, the Prince of Typgar novels represent his initial foray into the world of fiction

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