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Mymo DVD Cover2My Gym is celebrating 30 years of family fitness and fun! With their unique, innovative and ever-changing fitness program for kids, My Gym has been at the forefront of providing the best fun place for kids to remain active, while successfully combating frightening obesity statistics amongst children.

The “Mymo’s Adventures” DVD features the gym’s irresistibly cute mascot, Mymo, as he engages children and leads them on six awesome, interactive adventures. The DVD combines animated fun, live action workouts and a wisecracking puppet named Alphonzo Bartholomew III. “Mymo’s Adventures” is created to educate, entertain and motivate children to be active and helps them to develop their coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and fine/gross motor skills.

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My Gym’s Fit and Healthy Family Contest:

On April 1, My Gym will be announcing their “My Gym’s Fit and Healthy Family” Contest on their Facebook page! In celebration of My Gym’s 30th anniversary, they are searching for the fittest family in North America.

In order to enter the contest, participants would need to visit My Gym’s Facebook page and follow the instructions, which will include submitting a photo and essay. Thirty families with the most votes will receive a prize package (that will include a certificate from the President’s Council of Physical Fitness Sports and Nutrition and a gift package from BabyGanics and free MyGym and Chuggington DVDs).

The thirty families will then have an opportunity to submit a homemade fitness video – and one lucky family will win the grand prize! The package includes top items from Little Tikes, one free year at My Gym, including classes and a birthday party!


  1. steve weber says:

    this would be great for my niece.

  2. You just cannot have too many childrens books! I find each child has different “favorite” characters and the more you expose them too, the bigger their world becomes.

  3. My boys would enjoy this video.

  4. john Deal says:

    My granddaughter would appreciate this.

  5. My grandkids would appreciate this.

  6. Christine W says:

    I have never heard of this DVD before now. I think that my grandson would really enjoy it.

  7. my niece would love it!

  8. Think my girls would love this, many thanks for sharing

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