Nolan mOmma Cup
With a nine month old baby boy, we are always on the look out for cool new inventions to help make mealtime more peaceful and fun for everyone. Our son is just starting to have interesting in utensils and the like so the chance to test out a new and innovative collection of infant and toddler feeding products from mOmma was a real blessing.

According to the company’s presser, “mOmma products incorporate a rounded, ergonomic design that allow cups, forks and spoons to rock back-and-forth, keeping kids entertained during meals and eliminating spills all at the same time. An added plus: the design keeps the parts that touch babies’ lips away from tabletop germs.”

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Noah mOmma Cup

The cups are probably our favorite product in the mOmma line of PBA and phthalate-free eating tools. They rock back and forth and despite preferring to still have his “momma” hold the cup for him, Noah definitely enjoys watching the cup wobble back and forth.

mOmma spoonThe spoon and fork utensils are very cool as well. Noah hasn’t quite gotten the ‘handle’ on them yet, but he enjoys the ball-shaped handle that easy to grip and maneuver.  I kind of enjoy using them to feed him.

All of these cool gadgets are why mOmma has won numerous awards from Parenting publications for its innovation, technology and design leadership in the making of feeding products for little ones.

Disclosure:  The product used for this review was provided by the company and coordinated by Team Mom.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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