microdermI am a low maintenance girl. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and wash my face every night with Cetaphil ($2.99 at Walmart).  Shelley, the owner of Hair + Skin by Shelley, asked me to review her facial services and I was excited to find out how it could benefit my skin. Shelley has received extensive training through Imagederm, located in Beverly Hills, Ca.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation technique that removes dead and damaged skin cells from your face, neck and décolletage skin. After the treatment new fresh skin cells are revealed and the skin looks and feels smoother. Superficial skin pigment or brown spots will be lightened. Fine wrinkles will be plumped. Acne outbreaks and inflammation can be reduced and the skin cleared of acne lesions significantly.

Microdermabrasion also removes skin debris and unclogs pores which is very helpful for acne control. After microdermabrasion topical acne medications can penetrate better and be more effective at acne control.

The technique uses a small glass tube with a hole on the side. A constant suction is passed through the tube by the machine and small sand like silica particles are passed through the glass tube by the machine. As the tube is passed over your skin, the suction pulls your skin up into the stream of rushing silica particles and the passing particles abrade or remove dead skin cells that are dry, damaged and pigmented. This is exfoliation.

Description of the procedure:

microdermDeep cleansing, with steam and and a sonic scrubber. This helps unclog pores, and is much more gentle than doing conventional extractions.

Anti-aging sonic device to help lift and tone.

A massage, to prep the skin for Microderm. Microderm uses organic crystals and controlled suction, to deeply exfoliate skin. This helps skin to rejuvenate, and produce more collagen. Skin becomes smoother, softer, clearer, and has a natural glow.

After the Microderm, vitamin c is applied and used a LED light. This soothes the skin, and helps to repair sun damage, as well as firms and tones.

The finishing touch is eye cream and a moisturizer with SPF 35.

With every Microderm, Shelley does a facial, customized to your skin’s needs. All of the products are plant based.

My Review:

I arrived for the microderm and the lights were low with candles and soft music. I was nervous, but this put me more at ease. She gave me a soft wrap around cotton towel to put on to keep my top clean, which was a nice touch. Shelley evaluated my skin and customized the procedure according to my skin’s needs. I have oily skin with some sun spots and I tend to break out around that time of month.

I felt like I was pampered and I was very relaxed the entire time. None of the scrubbers or Microderm products felt rough or hurt my skin and I have very sensitive skin. The facial massage was my favorite part. My skin felt fantastic and very clean and my husband commented on it later. It didn’t fade any of the age spots, but Microderm is supposed to fade them after several sessions. I highly recommend going to Shelley because she takes her time, cares about her customers and is highly trained. Plus, her prices are affordable.

Pictured below is an example of what several sessions of Microdermabrasion can improve your complexion.  I didn’t use my picture, since this was only one procedure and there isn’t any difference in mine yet.  I will be buying more, so I will post my pictures after more sessions.

pre and post microdermabrasionEuropean Facial $55

Single Microderm $75

Package of 4 Microderm $225


Contact Information:

Have you had the Microderm procedures?  I would love to hear if it improved your age spots and/or acne in the comments below.  Do you think you will ever try it?  To schedule a Microderm, hair appointment, or get more information, contact Shelley at 515-270-6514.

shelleyHair + Skin by Shelley

2501 128th St.

Suite 216

Urbandale IA 50323


*I follow all FTC rules and requirements and all my opinions are honest. The review and/or giveaway product were provided by the business or PR agency.

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