As a parent of a child on the ASD Spectrum you will read and hear a lot about what you should buy or do to help your child. It is overwhelming. Our son was diagnosed two and a half years ago and I want to share products that we use  to help our own child and I believe will be a good resource.

We have several different methods we use to help Nolan calm down when he is feeling overwhelmed, which can be quite a bit some days.   It is better to have a variety, when one thing may fail, and plan ahead of time before they happen.   We use a calm down chair (just a normal chair, removed from noise),   a weighted vest(my review here),   chewing gum,   breathing exercises and he likes to play piano to calm down.  Every child is different and what may work for us, may not for you.  The important thing is your child is comfortable and what you are trying makes them feel safe and secure.  Always check with your child’s doctor or occupational therapist first.

 I know cuddle swings and swinging are a great resource too.   Dream Gym makes a variety of indoor swings, play gyms and more to give parents and children opportunities for therapeutic play.   We were sent the Door Swing for review.    They were amazing to work with because they first wanted to make sure we had the correct measurements for safety reasons before sending one.   Everything came in a kit with thorough instructions. My husband took about an hour to install it in our doorway (again,make sure it is the correct measurements!)   It stays in place with screws so it is firm and doesn’t move.   Below is a video of Nolan enjoying it and a closer look.

Every day since we have installed it, Nolan has played on it several times a day.   It was the first thing he rushed to do after breakfast this morning.   I also heard Nolan on it today saying “I’m getting strong.”   He then came out and told me his hands were getting muscles.   Ha.   The website has all of your support needs including installation guides, safety tips, and special need resources.   I am grateful for safe and caring companies like Dream Gym that provide quality products for parents with special needs.   I highly recommend their products.   We are thrilled with ours. Most important they put safety first and meet or exceed all current applicable American and Canadian Standards / Guidelines.  You can purchase the Doorway Swing at

PRODUCT DETAILS (from website)

Doorway swing

We have the trapeze bar with rings combo that we entertain any child for hours. Children can somersault, swing, twist. The combo offers all the benefits that rings and trapeze bar provide alone. The rings do not move freely during exercises, making it easier to turn a somersault. The combo encourages children to practice and develop their gymnastic abilities.

☼ The doorway support bar has maximum of 95kg (210 lbs) weight capacity, therefore parents can do chin-ups too. You can hang many other accessories, such as: hammock swing, rope ladder, gym rings, cuddle swing, platform swing, etc.

IMPORTANT: do not use disk swing or any other accessory that rotates freely to avoid bumping into door frame.

Chrome plated bar with padded grips, adjusts to fit most standard width door frames from 28″ to 36″, 210 Lbs weight capacity
☼ Mounting hardware
☼ Two hanging straps
☼ Two spring clips
☼ Trapeze bar with rings (pick color of the rings, when you checkout)

  • Disclosure: I follow all FTC rules and requirements and all my opinions are honest. This product was provided for review/giveaway by the company or pr agency

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