Although this book is not quite what I expected. I must recommend this short (68 page kindle) book to any young horse Lover.  Written by author Cathy Kennedy an obvious horse lover herself she has created kind of a first person account or should I say a first horse account of life in the wild. Although I’ve never seen them first hand except on TV or the Movies the Wild Mustangs in the western United States I’m sure are a beautiful sight.

Meeting of the Mustangs, Wild MustangsCathy shows gives us an idea of how these beautiful creatures live how they die and the dangers they can face from day to day.You never really think of these animals as fighters but when you think about what they must do in the wild to survive you realize between their speed and power they really are quite capable.Whether threatened by Mountain Lions,Bears or Man (Woman too) they go on.

That’s just a small part of the story, but it is very educational and informative to learn how the herd lives. How the leaders of these Wild Mustangs behave to protect and lead the herd.

This is not just a story of survival but of growth.A story of loneliness a story  making and losing friends.It’s a very nice Y/A story mostly seen from one Mustangs point of view.We see him over a few years as he grows from a young unstable colt to  a strong beautiful Black Stallion.

*Spoiler Alert* he does get separated from the group and  that’s when we get to see him grow the most. How he survives on his own and learns to contend with MAN!

There’s a nice turn of events at the end though I thought it ended to abruptly.I would have liked to see the story go on a bit

Wild Mustangs
                     Wild Mustangs

longer.This book does make you think and wonder  how horses think and feel.The author did a great job getting inside the head of our protagonist(even if he is a horse)


Cathy Kennedy  grew up in Pennsylvania before moving to South Florida at age 17. Her book, Meeting of the Mustangs, was started during her teenage years in Pennsylvania and would not be completed until many years later.
The story of the wild mustangs is somewhat reflective of her life living in the country,  where her family owned horses. She wanted to complete the book for younger readers who have a love for horses, and finally convinced herself that she should continue the story where she’d stopped writing many years before.

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