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Living in India on her own to teach elementary school would be a challenging, life-changing experience for 50-something-year-old Sandra Bornstein. She’d have to leave behind her husband and soulmate, a Colorado-based attorney, and three of their four sons. She also would be required to step outside of her personal comfort zone every moment of the day.

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Since her husband, Ira, had been severely injured in a mysterious ski accident and was recovering from reconstructive shoulder surgery, Bornstein wasn’’t eager to leave him behind and face the perils of a foreign country all alone. She came from the Jewish tradition in which sanctity of marriage and the home were deeply valued. Now she was leaving those traditions behind her and venturing off on her own…with the hope of finding purpose, friends, and prosperity in a foreign, frightening land.

Book Information:

“May This Be the Best Year of Your Life: A Memoir”
By Sandra Bornstein
ISBN: 9781478198055

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