This is one interesting book! With a Title like “The Misadventure’s Guide Through Bad Relationship Choices. DATING THE WRONG MEN” I don’t dating the wrong manknow whether to feel sorry for author Kelly Rossi or  just respect her for her grit and determination in her search for Mr. Right.According to Kelly by my count for every Mr. Right there are about forty  to fifty Mr. Wrongs.They range from the “Cheater” to the “Control Freak”  to the Rebound guy to the ever present MARRIED GUY!

With a very  entertaining and comical writing style Kelly takes us through her very interesting and somewhat depressing dating history. After going through what she went through before finding her Hubby (who I’m sure is a great guy) she is determined to do what she can to steer others towards what she feels is the Mr Right Path. Each chapter is devoted to a certain type of guy with a few helpful tips at the end of the chapter to help figure out if you’re dating that GUY.

The illustrations by Stepanie Olivieri are as funny as the writing each one depicting the types you surly want to avoid.  Now you don’t need to be looking for Mr Right to enjoy this book .It’s filled with experiences I’m sure many of you ladies have endured and will be able to relate with.Hopefully I’m not one of the types in the book I’m already  Mr Right (or at least Mr Not all that Wrong) to my wife and I’m not exactly looking for anyone but for those of you guys out there that are might just be looking for Miss right picking up this book might not be that bad an idea.If you can recognize yourself in this book it might be time to fix a few things…


About the Author
Kelly Rossi is well known for her cutting-edge skills in digital marketing, working with some of the most notable names in the world. With the kelly Rossicombination of her sense of humor and technological skills, you can find her at speaking engagements for business and women’s organizations as well hosting various videos and live events. Kelly’s writing started on her popular personal blog,, where she wrote about life, business, and, of course, the “Wrong Men.”

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Her book is available at Amazon Dating the Wrong Men: The Misadventurer's Guide Through Bad Relationship Choices.
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Dating the Wrong Men: The Misadventurer’s Guide Through Bad Relationship Choices.



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