Marine: Halley’s Casino II

Book Two in the Halley’s Casino Trilogy


Today we are going to start of 2019 right and  kick off the Marine: Halley’s Casino II Blog tour…


Just about a year ago I read and reviewed Halley’s Casino by Mark JG Fahey.If you are so inclined check it out HERE I thought that first book in this Trilogy was great.This second effort in the continuing adventures of one Nebula Yorker (Neb to his friends of course)is just as good. And yes Neb’s friends are still there. Tict  and Kel are still here along with a host of new and interesting characters. Oh and of course John Lennon!

Marine Hally's Casino book twoAbout the author Mark JG Fahey let me say anyone that appreciates and is influenced by the genius of people ranging from the Marx Brothers , Monty Python, The Not Ready for Primetime Players to the craziness of Robin Williams (Oh and of course John Lennon!) is my kind of writer. As with the first book the Subtle and not so subtle humor is scattered throughout the book. My favorite I think is Neb’s “Two Hardboiled egg ” reference. I’ll let you folks stew on that for a while.

In this story we learn a little more about Neb’s parents and Neb himself.The history of his race. This is truly a great “Space opera”. With a new world to explore . Marine is basically a water world its inhabitants breath oxygen but have webbed feet.Our story is complete with good guys (Neb and the gang) and Bad guys. They are all out to find the mysterious Star Chart that for centuries has been guarded by a giant Water Dragon.Neb is tasked with finding this thing which is really a mystery to him too. I like the way the story is put together with a certain amount of mystery and suspense. You never are quite sure who of these new characters is willing to help Neb.

So for a great sci/fi comical ,rock-n-Roll story check this one out. But first if you haven’t done so read the first one Halley’s Casino. And stay tuned for Book Three I know nothing bout it but Marine ends with a Bang and things could get even more interesting in number three!!!


Book Description:

Nebula Yorker (“Neb” to his friends) finds himself on the water planet of Marine in a race to recover a long-lost Triopelian Star Chart he previously never knew existed.

Along the way, Neb encounters new friends and a villainous brother and sister team bent on doing whatever they must to get their hands on the star chart first – including mayhem and murder.

One cocky android, one imbibed professor, one universal(ly) renowned scientist and one ice breathing sassy Water Dragon make Neb wonder whether the past 3 years traveling with Halley’s Casino was just a peaceful lull?

Who will find the star chart first? What are the implications if Neb doesn’t? And what does a Water Moon have to do with all of this?

But of course John Lennon seems to know….


Interview with Mark JG Fahey author of Halley’s Casino and Marine

There are many sci-fi stories out there. What makes yours different?

Good question! There so are many science fiction stories each with their own little niches and so many alike. Halley’s Casino has many of these sci-fi elements though never ever has a story been written asking the question: What if you found out that Halley’s Comet wasn’t really a comet but an intergalactic casino cloaked as a comet? One word comes to mind. ORIGINAL

Your book is set in outer space. Have you ever been there?

I am not at present able to disclose the answer though I can say, aren’t we all in outer space spinning on this planet we call Earth? 🙂

If you could go back in time, where would you go?


Halley’s Casino Book 1 has time travel elements from ancient Babylon, London 1707, Canada 1757,  Rome 12 BCE and Earth 1986, which is the starting point for the novel. Ancient Rome has always intrigued me if I could go back and observe without interfering, of course, that is a place I would be interested in visiting.

What is your next Project?

Halley’s Casino is a trilogy. Halley’s Casino and Marine: Halley’s Casino II are already out and available planet-wide. I am currently writing Return Trip: Halley’s Casino III to be out sometime in 2019 or 2062  whichever comes first 🙂

What is the last book you have read?

The Kids In The Hall by Paul Myers. One Dumb Guy.  A great look into the minds of The Kids In The Hall

Halley’s Casino is a very funny witty satirical humour filled story. I have found great inspiration from comedies from the Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Mel Brooks Wayne & Shuster, Second City TV, and Saturday Night Live. All these influencers can be found within the pages of Halley’s Casino.

I invite everyone to hop aboard Halley’s Casino!



Book Details:

Book Title: Marine (Halley’s Casino Book 2) by Mark JG Fahey
Category: Adult Fiction, 378 pages
Genre: Science Fiction / Humor
Publisher: Self-published
Release date: Oct 20, 2016
Tour dates: Jan 2 to 31, 2019
Content Rating: PG (No f-words, mild violence, readable for all ages 12 and up)


To read reviews, please visit Mark JG Fahey’s page on iRead Book Tours.
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Meet the Author:

Mark JG Fahey is not an alien, contrary to what you may have heard, though he swears he has been to space. Mark has dabbled in various undertakings throughout his illustrious career, from on-air hosting/reporter/stand-up comic to messenger for the Prime Minister of Canada. Mark also holds a degree in Restaurant Services. His family and friends can attest to his excellent cooking skills. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Mark was raised and still resides in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada. Halley’s Casino is the first book in the Halley’s Casino trilogy.

Halley’s Casino: 3rd place winner in a worldwide competition with World’s Best Story 2017 . Finalist and 3rd place winner with the Independent Author Network October 2018 and is also a finalist for the inaugural Canadian Book Club Awards 2018.

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