It’s March Madness Time and you know what that means. Did you fill out your Bracket? The folks at BookPal have come up with a<a href= idea.From now through April 7, BookPal is hosting a book-themed bracket. ! We’re encouraging everyone to vote on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day to help their favorite title be crowned champion. We can’t wait to see which books you vote for! There is four Groups (J.K. Rowling), children's classics (Dr. Seuss), pre-1900s literature (Charles Dickens) and post-1900s literature (Ernest Hemingway).Vote for you favorite and see who the winner is in April.I can't say I agree with all the choices but just like Basket Ball not everyone can make it to the big Dance.HEY BOOKPAL! WHERE'S GREEN EGGS AND HAM!!!!

(I feel cheated already)

Microsoft Surface Book 3

You can go to Facebook  Twitter or Instagram to vote have Fun
Check out the Bracket Here



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