lipoLipo in a Box Shapewear for women sounds like something I need right now! My baby is eight months old and I can’t really blame my weight on him anymore. I’m willing to try whatever it takes to suck in my fat. I love the name and hoped the product lives up to it.

Lipo in a Box offers a 28-style collection of undergarments for women. They are a made with a woven blend of 25 percent spandex and 75 percent nylon. Best-sellers include a high waist capri ($49), ideal for jeans, a bodysuit with legs ($82) for dresses, and the underwire cami ($46) that’s perfect under form-fitting tops.


I was offered the “Shimmer and Shape” high waist with legs to try.   My first impression is it looks like pantyhose and I was worried about ripping it.   Thankfully that didn’t happen and with a little tugging it fits like second skin, just like the website described.   I did see a difference in my stomach and rear area and am satisfied enough to say it is helpful with hiding tummy rolls and other areas.   I felt uncomfortable wearing it on my legs, but I would buy the underwear and high waist products.    Previously I bought the form fitting underwear from Walmart and this is superior.   I will not show pictures though, you will have to trust me.  Most important, it was comfortable and didn’t feel like I was wearing my grandma’s girdle.   If you can afford it, I would recommend it to my friends and readers.

lipoinabox shapewear

  Shapewear for women

Lipo in a Box was available online at But this link looks like it was hacked so try this. They have a great sale right now.   The “Shimmer and Shape is on sale too.   For more information they have an informative video on the website.


Connie Elder the inventor of Shapewear. “I believe there’s a time and place for sexy lingerie, but when it comes to looking sleek in a little black dress or just for everyday, women want shapewear that works,” said Connie Elder, founder of Lipo in a Box. “I created the product so I could wear it … and I do, therefore I can personally attest to our motto, ‘We make you look good with your clothes on.’”

A former representative for a medical compression garment company, Elder envisioned a scientific solution to what she saw as lacking in the shapewear industry: a product that would provide real control, targeted support, and all-day comfort. Lipo in a Box has a unique patented design; each item in the line is constructed with both comfort and control in mind, making women look great and feel confident in all their favorite wardrobe essentials.

disclosure: this product was sent for review by the company and doesn’t influence my honest opinion.

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