KClogoThe generation today uses the Internet for practically everything. They are connected at all times through various social media. So it is more common now for young students to take classes online. I do think online classes will advance more in the future. KC Distance Learning (KCDL) is one online learning option for all types of students to check out. It can benefit students in offering them advanced placement.  In fact our oldest son is starting community college one year early as a senior, by combining his credits from online classes.

KC Distance Learning offers academic solutions to fit any child’s needs. It can be a resource for home schooling parents, an option that we may consider in the future with our two younger boys. Children who have challenges in a traditional setting can benefit from too. Online learning has shown to help children who have fallen behind. In Chicago last year, one thousand students were at risk of not graduating. They were able to receive their diploma after completing online classes and earning the credits that were needed. This is just one example of a successful partnership with distance learning.

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I watched a video example of a Geography session.   I was impressed with the curriculum and technology. It seems comparable to public high school.  Aventa Learning is used in more then one thousand schools for the reasons I listed in the first paragraph. Each course is self guided by the student.  They offer a dynamic scheduler to help students design a schedule and keep on track of assignments.  There are forums for discussion, tutorial units, examination, self check activities and more.  Students can talk to their teacher through sycronized microphones through their computers.   “A current survey found that online learning is proving to be an effective way in teaching today’s “igeneration” who live in a world of customized and instant feedback.” If you are interested in learning more about KC Distance Learning for your child, you can view the same videos and find much more information on their website. You will be able to click on your state to find the KCDL online school serving your area.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Select and received a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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