shoppingIn recent surveys, one of the most important things that women want is to save money when shopping. There are several tips I found that are helpful to save both money and time when shopping.

On line Shopping

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I love to shop on line for several reasons. It is easy to do in the convenience of my home, especially for moms with small children. The time and energy to drag children to several stores, especially in the winter, is just not worth it. There are some great websites where you can compare shopping prices with just the click of a mouse. This also saves time and money. These sites will let you know the price of the same item on several websites so you can see where to get the best deal. Bizrate and NexTag are the two most popular comparison sites.


Watch for ads in your newspaper, mail and television. You can find the best prices by looking through the sales fliers to see when the store is going to have the best shopping deals. You can often find stores that have 50% off sales or even more. You can save a ton of money especially on refrigerators and electronics by checking ads.  This will save you time as well because you will know exactly where you are going. Shopping is fun when you know you are going to save money.

Resale Shops

I love resales shops. The best buys are baby clothes and gear. You can not only pick up some quality clothes and toys, but most re-sale shops will take your used clothes for money or trade. That is a double deal because you can end up trading as much as you buy and end up not even spending any money.

Know what you want, find that deal and stick to your list. Follow these great tips to save money and add to your bank account instead of your credit card bills this year.

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are mine.

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