It’s Just a BunnyPalooza

                                   By Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco

 Quite the different Easter story.  ‘It’s Just a BunnyPalooza” is a children’s picture book written by Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco.  This is the story of a little girl by the name of Lizzy who has a talent that she needs to find.  Lizzy has many friends both human and animal.  Brenda tells the story through her chosen words as Lizzy hunts for her special
   talent.  Peter has drawn pictures that little readers will like that shows the story with how he shows the emotions of some of the various words that Lizzy speaks.  My favorite pictures were the ones where Lizzy and some of her friends ‘played’ and she thought to herself.This would make a good story to read to young kids to learn about themselves and others. Teachers and counselors could use this children’s picture book to teach how to feel good about yourself no matter how they see themselves. ‘It’s a BunnyPalooza’ is a picture book that parents would read and enjoy with their kids and some of the many lessons that we all need to learn at various moments of our lives.  Here a possible classroom activity after reading this story.  Teachers could organize a classroom talent show.

When the contagiously enthusiastic Lizzy tells her classmates that she’s learning jump-jivin’ moves from bunnies, the children giggle at her over-active imagination. Feeling embarrassed and self-conscious, Lizzy decides she no longer wants to be laughed at. Lizzy becomes aavid “non-believer” and ceases any further communication with animals. Naturally, the bunnies organize an intervention. These furry little creatures will not allow Lizzy’s fandango to falter, and they sure don’t want to lose a good friend.

Written with young children ages 4 to 8 in mind, It‘s Just a Bunnypalooza provides multiple social-emotional-learning moments with subtle yet effective messaging about living out loud and staying true to yourself.

About the Author

Brenda Faatz has an undeniable connection with children. Some say it’s because they instinctively know “one of their own.” A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Musical Theatre, Brenda Bunny Paloozais a professional singer, dancer, actor, writer and director. Having established herself aa critically acclaimed actor while performing on stages from Minneapolis to Aspen, Boulder and Denver, Brenda has turned her talents to creating fresh content for youngsters. She has penned music, lyrics and scripts for original musical theatre works for children, and is the founder and director of the Notable Kids Arts Center in Denver. While collaborating with her husband and illustrator Peter Trimarco, Brenda has authored the award-winning It’s Just So … children’s book series because, as she likes to say, “no one ever told me I couldn’t.”

Peter Trimarco started his professional doodling career aan editorial cartoonist before turning to commercial art and designing packaging for both the film and music industries. Along the way, he also established himself on the business side of music aan executive producer and creative director on over 40 productions, with two going on to win Grammy nominations. While staying in the entertainment field, he published a trade magazine for the film industry and ultimately brought his creative juices and publishing expertise to the printed page for youngsters. Peter is a graduate of Lake Forest College, where he studied Literature and Fine Arts. In addition to designing album covers and book covers, he is the illustrator of Ella McBella In The Dark by Laura Pells, and the It’s Just So … book series, which he co-created with his wife, Brenda Faatz.

For more information, visit,, or follow the publisher on Instagram and Facebook at @Notablekidspublishing.

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