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Huge Book Giveaway!!!

hachetteThose generous people over at Hachette are giving away more books!  Head on over to Tina’s awesome website here to enter!  There are five chances to win a box of fourteen books!  YEAH!!





I also wanted to let you know about another cool website.  Basically they give you a free book and you have to blog about it within a months time.  Their motto is Claim It-Read It-Blog It.  They send to primarily Canada but they are getting some publishers to send to United States now.  It’s worth checkin out and I love the idea!  But you have to add them to google reader because the books go fast!  Their website is called Mini Book and is located here

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  1. hiya 🙂 nice to meet you! you have a great blog- i love all the videos and links and stuff. very entertaining without being cluttered, and very readable. nice! 🙂

  2. Carmen T says:

    Wow, thanks for the website. That’s totally awesome. Do you know if we can ask to claim for more than 1 book at a time though ?.

  3. Hi i hope i figured the instructions out properly, this sounds like a great contest and thanks for allowing me to enter.

  4. I’ve tried and tried to start a local book club…to no avial…so winning these books would be like winning the lottery…thanks for the chance

  5. Lorene Palmer says:

    nice website

  6. Lorene Palmer says:

    I had a very good day today.


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