Your safety and health come first. If you want to protect yourself and your family, it is better to stay home. The major reason for the spread of Corona Coronavirus is traveling by car, train, or plane. 

Many people are planning to visit different places to relieve their stress and tension experienced due to lockdown or isolation due to COVID-19. It is best to hold your plans, but if you still want to travel follow the advice of experts. Experts think that traveling by car is the safest option during COVID-19 spread. 

In many countries, COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and it causes an imbalance in life. On the other hand, conditions are under control and people are returning to their normal life. Many people want to travel but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn to avoid traveling to stop the spread. 

Consider the following before traveling in COVID-19

Road trip during Covid 19

  1. The spread of COVID-19 at your destination:

Before your road trip during Covid 19 Find out the status COVID-19 spread at a place you want to travel. If the situation is under control, then you can travel. If the cases are spreading rapidly then you should avoid traveling to such areas because of your chances of an infection increase.  

  1. Do you live with someone who might be more likely to get very ill from COVID-19?

Coronavirus may be asymptomatic, if you travel with someone who is COVID-19 positive then you may be infected and your loved ones can also be affected by you.

  1. Are you more likely to get very ill from COVID-19?

Coronavirus can infect anyone, but children and old age people are more prone to get Coronavirus disease.  Other than this, people suffering from chronic health conditions are also at high risk of getting a Coronavirus infection. So if you travel with such people you may also get infections. 

  1. Requirements and restrictions of your destinations

It is better to gather information about your destination. If you want to take a Road trip during Covid 19 within your country, then it is essential to check the websites of state or local public health offices. They will provide related information about the area, like travel restrictions and SOPs. 

If you want to travel out of the city then you have to consult the ministry of health or office of foreign affairs of a respective country to get entry details including quarantine time, traveling restrictions, face mask, etc. 

  1. Travel with family and household only

Do not travel with unknown persons. According to the current scenario it is recommended to travel with your friends and family members. That will reduce your risk of getting infected.  As you are familiar with such people. Moreover, carry all your essentials with you and don’t buy or use anything other than that.

  1. Pack protection kit

Keep germ-fighting products with you all the time and especially when are traveling. Cover your face with a face mask, also keep gloves, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer with you. Recent research shows that the use of face masks greatly reduces the risk of COVID-19 spread. You have to practice good hygiene for road trips as well, like frequent hand-washing and keeping all essentials things in your car including sanitizer spray, face masks, sanitizer wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, and thermometer. 

  1. Keep your snacks and necessary documents 

Maintain distance from others and do not expose yourself to different environments.  Like during traveling it is better to carry your food, snacks, juice, drinks with you and do not stop or go into rest stops. Before traveling by road check all your essential travel documents including health insurance. 

  1. Car Repairs and Emergency kit

The last thing you need is a breakdown.Nobody like standing helpless on the side of the road.Get the car fully checked out.The D.O.T. advises that an emergency kit be placed in the vehicle. The list includes vehicle charger for your mobile phone, first-aid package, pillow, drinking water, and food for all and pets, torch with extra fresh batteries, rags or paper towels, simple equipment like duct tape, reflectors, road flares, ice scraper or snow brush, jumper cables, traction aid (sand, salt), tarp, raincoat and shovel.

  1. Disinfect your accommodations

If you want to travel and want to stay overnight, then on a sewer side you must book your hotel. Because all hotels are not opening properly due to COVID-19.  And do proper arrangements for your safety by keeping disinfectant sprays and use them while staying in a hotel.

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