How To Prepare a survival kit

          For A True “Stay-At-Home” Order



Is your survival kit ready? …   We’ve seen what can happen if you get stuck at home from a “stay-at-home” order of a Pandemic or natural disaster. There’s probably some boredom. You’ve had to learn to adapt with your family. You had to learn to work from home.

Do you have a survival kit?

But imagine what would happen if Martial Law was enacted and you truly were forced to stay at home. The grocery stores could all shut down (after all, that’s about all go out of the house for these days is to restock). This could truly happen if Covid-19 gets worse and the strain gets more deadly and the vaccine doesn’t work.

There’s a lot of “if’s” in the above scenario. But that is the true nature and psychology behind the prepping movement that has swept the country. You cannot plan for the future and since we are in such uncertain times, and our country is more divided than ever, why not start preparing for the worst case scenario as if SHTF.

With the above said, here’s a quick list of things to prepare for if you find yourself “bugging in” to keep away from a growing threat of Corona Virus, or political unrest, or a Zombie Apocalypse:

  1. Build a 3 month Food Supply

Having enough food on hand for you and your family when the grocery stores are no longer accessible is going to be extremely important. One of the easiest ways to start your food prepping journey is to start with buying emergency food survival kits. They are easy to find, and easy to store and last up to 30 years.

There is much more to building an emergency food stash than just freeze-dried foods. So be careful to read up on the subject more. Learn what other types of foods are good for stocking up on that have longer shelf life than normal.

  1. Make sure you have enough water

One of the biggest mistakes I see beginner preppers make is they forget to stock up on enough water in their survival kit. Water storage is much more time-consuming and cumbersome than food storage. But it’s necessary for the survival of yourself and your family.

First learn about the long term water storage containers to use, then you can discover how you actually store water properly long term.

  1. Have the proper survival tools

There will be a lot more manual labor in a true SHTF scenario. The government won’t be there to bail you out. So always make sure you have the survival tools you’ll need to get things done.

  1. Don’t forget about first aid as part of your survival kit

Since all of the doctor’s offices and dentists will be closed, you’ll need to make sure you have some basic medical items around and a good first aid kit that can help get you through minor aches and pains. You can easily learn how to make a first aid survival kit at home, so start planning now.

  1. Make sure you have a backup if the electricity goes out

Many people forget to think about backup forms of lighting. Having an alternative source of lighting is extremely important. If we come upon a grid-down situation where the local services in your area stop working.

The above tips are just some of the most important things that you can prepare for. If you can make it through 3 months at home, hopefully it’s long enough for things to get back to somewhat normal.

If not, and you feel you want to prepare for a longer term scenario such as 6 months-1 year, it takes a lot more planning and preparation so make sure you fully are aware of what’s needed. To help you with this, you can learn more here. So weather it’s a pandemic,Natural disaster or Zombie Apocalypse  Get that emergency Survival Kit together. Happy prepping!

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