This is actually about two books.The first two books in a new series of adventures by author Mick Bogerman

How to Navigate Zombie Cave and Defeat Pirate Pete     zombie


How to Rid Your Swimming Pool of a Bloodthirsty Mermaid


So I guess these could actually be classified as “How To” books.So now you know where to go for advice if you ever discover a Zombie cave that needs navigating or if a big ugly Mermaid happens upon your pool.

If your kid  likes Zombies (and who doesn’t)  and of course “Bloodthirsty Mermaids”(with a strange Penchant for SPAM) sorry *spoiler alert* he will love these Slug Pie Stories.Follow Mick and little brother Finley on their adventures. Full of Zombie Goo , Pirate Gold,Slime Bubbles (don’t ask)theses books have everything a 10-12 year old kid could ask for.

Written in the perfect 12 year pg rated text they are both alot of fun to read. Funny and a little scary although not really too mermaidmuch.The characters are fun and each have their own personality.Mick is the Big brother to Finley and although he tries to protect and take care of him they always seem to get into these fixes but they always find a way out.The chapters are cleverly labeled as steps in the process of the “How To” form . Step one  Find Zombie Cave.Step Two Meet a Zombie.These are great for the Halloween season.With super cool cover art.In the words of the author if your looking for a wimpy childlike book this aint it.But if your kid likes a heart pounding scare and a pitchfork to the undead brain well then this is it.

I really think a 8-12 year old would love these books.Good clean fun and absolutely NO trace of any kind of Romance so don’t worry boys.Slug Pie Stories has got something here with this new series for young boys,Next up in the series and soon to be released is



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