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How To Get Books Without Spending A Penny

Being a bookworm needn’t be expensive. If you’re keen-eyed and know where to look you can pretty much fuel your reading habit for free. Here are a few methods for you to read up on.



Do a book swap


If you’re willing to give up one of your own books, why not swap with somebody else? Find a friend to swap with or ask to swap with someone over Facebook. There are also websites specifically set up for book-swapping. You can find out more here: Ensure that you’re giving away a book that’s worth reading and not just off-loading an unwanted book onto someone else. Make it a mutual opportunity to read and share good literature.


Barter as a blogger


Set up a reading blog and you may be able to get free giveaways from upcoming authors in exchange for writing a review. Sign up to PR company mailing lists and subscribe to author newsletters – you’ll be sent press releases of new releases. If somebody sends you something that sounds up your street, ask whether they’d be willing to send you a free copy to read and review. Generally, if they think your blog is respected enough, they’ll be more than willing to mail you a copy or send you  free e-books to download.


Keep an eye out for free book giveaways


Girl glasses booksOccasionally charity shops may offer a giveaway bin of items they can’t sell. Whilst most books that end up here are likely to be cheap pulp, you may get lucky and find yourself a hidden gem.

For a greater chance of finding something decent, look out for blogs and book community sites that may be running competitions. Some may be offering free giveaways of books – if you’re lucky you could win. Twitter can also be a great source for competitions.



Get free eBooks


There are many free e-reader tools available that can allow you to read free e-books on your PC if you haven’t got an e-reader. Adobe Digital Editions is just one of them.


The likes of sites such as Many Books meanwhile have many free e-books that can be downloaded. These will largely be from unknown writers and new authors, but you could strike gold. Most e-book stores such as Kindle Store, Kobo, Nook Books and Google Play Books meanwhile have a free section for similar new releases. Make use of these and fuel your next holiday with reading material.


You should also give Twitter a gander from time to time – you may be able to find free e-book giveaways here. Look out for the #amazongiveaway hashtag, as this often involves e-books for a limited time only.


Even if you do end with an awful book at the end of it, remember that you didn’t have to spend a penny on it.

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