What Questions to Ask Before Getting Married?

One of the hardest as well as most important decisions to make is to get married because like other decisions in the group, it will have significant influence on your life. To get married, you will have to consider several aspects. The primary one is whom you are going to marry, which further means that you need to consider issues such as if you two share similar hobbies or passions. Here we provide 9 questions for you to ask yourself while contemplating marriage.

1. Set solid standards for your other half?

Many people act on an impulse to propose to someone merely because of the person’s fancy outfit or her appearance on certain occasion. Therefore, one important question you need to ask is: would I marry the person if she is plain looking? Would I marry this person if there was no fancy dress, no unique wedding rings at the wedding? While looking for a spouse, the majority of people have a set of things to think of, for instance, the other half’s financial or social status. However, we also have to realize that these are subject to changes. Bearing this in mind, it is more important to gauge your compatibility in terms of daily life

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a wedding.

2. Do you enjoy each other’s company?

Though great sex is an important part of a successful marriage, it is not the entire thing about marriage. You also need to consider if you enjoy the person’s company, which tends to be more important than sex for many couples.

3. How does the person treat the others?

It is evident that you shall end the relationship with a person who treats you badly. Even though the person treats you well, you shall be observant on how the person treats the others such as family members, friends, colleagues and waiters. Because how the person treats the others often reveal factual aspects of how the person will really get on with you when you are married.

4. How do your family members or people you highly respect react to your decision?

Young people tend to be very confident at the person of their choice. It often happens that despite warnings from family members against marrying a person, young people stick to their choice. Here we do not argue for who is right or wrong. But suppose one of your parents disagrees with you and provides strong arguments, which another person you highly respect coincidentally agrees on, it is time for you to seriously consider their arguments.

5. Is the relationship emotionally balanced?

When it comes to the issue of being fair or unfair in a relationship, finance always comes to mind first. However, have you ever noticed your emotional contribution? Is there one of you who often gives in more, compromises more and subjects more to the other’s needs?

6. Are you truly prepared for “for better or for worse”?

Lived experience tells us that life is not easy. It is occasionally filled with difficult periods. You will experience ups and downs in life like any other married couple. Are you sure that the person you are to marry is suitable to go through hardships with you?

7. About having babies?

When discussing this question with your partner, do not be satisfied with a vague consent. You should get specific answers about when you are to have, how many children you plan to raise and how you are to parent your kids. A possible problem to be discussed is: what if it is difficult to conceive a baby?

8. Will you give priority to family life or work?

Some people might want to focus more on their work while others want to strike a balance between family life and work. Since you are going to spend the rest of your life with another person, it is important for you to figure out if you both agree on the same thing. Otherwise, conflicts will arise regarding many family issues such as if you are willing to take one day off to attend your kid’s baseball game.

9. Do you have any holding back?

If you ever have any doubt or question, which leads you to hold back from getting married, you should think about it and discuss with your partner. Do not get married in this state.

Good marriage is blessed by God. Despite this, to maintain a happy and joyful family life requires selfless sacrifices from both sides. Therefore, make sure that you are ready to commit yourself to a family life and be a selfless person who is willing to contribute to your family’s welfare before you tie the knot.

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