‘I am sick of being so large’ was the turning point in Dr. Michael Haney’s life. After completing his residency, Doctor Michael tried on some of his pre-med school clothes for an interview and realized that he needed an entirely new wardrobe due to the amount of weight he had gained.


Michael was now in his mid-thirties and fresh out into the real world. He had gotten married during med school and was a proud father of three children. Unlike most students, he had lost a 100 pounds as opposed to gaining the freshman 15 during his initial years in school. However, between the demands of his education and the time he spent with his family, he lost sight of himself.


Michael had ignored his own health and over the years, the pounds creepily packed on. It was not until one fateful day that it hit Michael that he was obese. This realization knocked him hard and he decided that enough was enough and a lifestyle change had become a necessity.



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Besides affecting his health, being overweight would have ramifications in his professional life as well. Studies have shown that physicians that suffer from weight problems are not as confident or insightful when it comes to giving health advice. For a doctor, this can be a death sentence. Doctors are regarded as role models because patients expect them to be able to take care of their health, however, when the doctors look unhealthy, then patients tend to take them less seriously. Being overweight could affect his relationship with patients and consequently his career.


Obesity is the root cause of multiple diseases around the world. Therefore, most patients that come in suffer from being overweight amongst other things. The excess fat can lead to a chemical imbalance in the body and causes higher levels of stress in the various organs. This is why doctors advise patients to exercise more and keep themselves active.


Keeping all this in mind, Michael took his life back into his own hands and ordered himself a Nutrisystem diet plan. Having studied their procedures online, he decided that this was the most convenient and healthy option for his lifestyle. Not only is Nutrisystem a no-brainer when it comes to weight loss, it is also very affordable due it its low cost. Of course, money was not an issue for Dr Michael, but it is worth noting that Nutrisystem offers coupons and discount codes through their affiliates at  WeightLossTriumph.com that drop the cost even more.



Michael is now a much healthier version of himself. Even though his goal was to lose 100 pounds, once he got started, he ended up losing 125 pounds. He now feels much healthier and has a lot more energy and drive, both at work and at home. Michael has been channeling this newfound drive into motivating his patients with his story to help them lose their excess burden.


Eventually, he ended up adding an exercise routine to his schedule as well. He started with just walking, which eventually lead to jogging, running and biking. This helped kick the pounds a lot faster and gave him an activity to perform with his family in his free time. After his weight loss triumph, he tries his best to set an example for his children, encouraging them to stay active and eat healthier meals.

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