Goods & Effects

Al Schnupp

Racism and discrimination back in the day were issues that many had to deal with along with other common issues we all deal with day to day. Things may have gotten a little better but these issues still exist . Al Schnupp has written a novel entitled ‘Goods and Effects’  about the main character of Hannah and how she deals what she is going through. Along with a great cast of complex characters Hanna meets in her journey this book delves into so many issues.  Hannah has many decisions to make for herself and her friends.  Hannah starts her own business and while making business contacts she makes friends along the way that want to help in any way/where/when they can.  ‘Goods and Effects’  is a story of how to overcome obstacles in a variety of ways.

Al Schnupp is a novelist who shows how historical events can move us to do what is needed and still keep our heads through his show and tell writing.  As the reader I felt I was taking part in the activity say at the Negro farm.  These events spurred many events to come that were good for all involved.  The cover art that I suppose is Hannah as she depicts the feelings that she has of all times that are political, economic, social and religious all at once.  Hannah is depicts a wife and mother and a widow, but now an independent businessman who survives at all costs.  She is a leader and helper and writer shows this clear through the whole book.  ‘Goods and Effects’ is a fine title for this book for Hannah and her goods effects the community around her all through time.


Devastated by the death of her husband and sons, Hannah Mercer sells the family farm and creates a store and living quarters in a delivery truck. As she travels several circuits selling her wares, Hannah becomes the heart of a network of interlinking lives: Nathan owns the motel where Hannah often parks her truck. Darla is a young and talented deaf artist, whose parents let her accompany Hannah on her rounds. Wanda, the sassy receptionist at a hardware distribution center, has larger ambitions. Naomi, wife of the pious Mennonite deacon, entertains fantasies of sexual freedom. Frank, a gentle farmer with a chronically-ill wife, harbors great affection for Hannah, but has troubling biases. LeRoy is a black farmer and talented singer, yet his family is subjected to racial terrorism. Velma owns a woodworking shop. Is she a good match for Vivian, Ronan County’s elegant, lesbian librarian?

As time passes and Hannah’s relationships deepen, her faith diminishes but her vision of humanity expands. Hannah Mercer is a clever problem-solver, a shrewd schemer, a spinner of tender lies, an advocate for justice, and a dream weaver.

ISBN:  978-1-952232-55-8
Golden Antelope Press
166 pages


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