image004Gobble!  What a cute little Thanksgiving app found in the Apple iTunes store!  This app is designed for children ages 3-8.  The app is a colorful animated app with great graphics!  This is an educational app that gives kids the history of the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims and Indians.  The app teaches the child the history of the first Thanksgiving by telling a funny story about a turkey named Gobble.  The story is told through a song with catchy music for a child.  I played this app with my five year old daughter.   She loved the app and liked to play it over and over again.   You can’t help but to laugh or smile at the little turkey-“Gobble”  in the story;  whose goal is to escape being the Thanksgiving meal!  In addition to the e-book, there are a few games for kids to play including some jigsaw puzzles and different memory games depending on the kids age and skill level!  My daughter enjoyed playing both games.  Hub creations teaches kids about the first Thanksgiving in a kid-friendly style.  Kids will not even realize they are learning because the story is both cute and funny!  Download this app today!

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