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“Find the Cutes”  is a family of seven, “Mr. and Mrs. Cute,” who have five children: there are two sets of twins and an older sister, who always gets stuck babysitting the twins.

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Clarissa takes her brothers and sisters to many places and is supposed to be the babysitter, however as the author states, Clarissa often gets districted when babysitting.  Clarissa will be texting her friends or doing something else when she is to be watching her brothers and sisters.  This prompts the theme of the book:  the reader is to assist Clarissa with finding the other Cute children.  The “Cutes”  go to many different places in the community, such as to the swimming pool, playground, toy store, supermarket and many more places.  This book has colorful, beautiful, detailed pictures with a list of items to find, in addition to finding the Cute children.

Here are some examples of some of the pictures in the book:


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This book also has a little bit of a cute and funny storyline too.  I enjoyed this book.  The author and illustrator are very creative and talented.  This book is a great book for kids to enjoy, as well as adults.

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