Emily’s Sister” A Child’s Book Dealing With Disorders 


I received another book to review titled, “Emily’s Sister” from Book room reviews. This book was written by Michele Gianetti. When I began reading this book, I quickly remembered my middle grandson who has a Sensory Disorder and ADHD, but when he was a baby we had no idea he had these disorders, we just knew he was different. I definitely would have loved to had this book back when he was a baby, he is 8 now, but it would surely have helped our family understand and cope better with him.
emillyIn this book Emily has a little sister and Emily notices all her sister Elizabeth does is cry. Elizabeth cries all day at everything. One day Emily’s mom hires a babysitter to set with Elizabeth and she and Emily have a mom and daughter day out.
While they are out shopping, eating and going to the park, Emily is having so much fun with her mom. Along comes some friends of Emily and her moms. There is a boy Emily’s age, a little boy and their mom. Soon they meet up and spend time together. Emily notices how the little brother can talk, doesn’t cry and plays. After their friends leave, Emily asks her mom what is wrong with Elizabeth. Emily had overheard the mom’s talking about something being wrong. Emily’s mom confides in Emily that Elizabeth has been going to a therapist and she has been diagnosed with:- Sensory Processing Disorder and Dyspraxia. She explains with time and work one day Elizabeth will be better, but never cured. It may take a long time, but with everyone’s help she will be better.
Fast forward to Emily at 16 and Elizabeth can now talk, doesn’t cry as much and is so much better. She is still needy and screams, but she is 80% better. Life in their home is totally different now that Elizabeth grew up with help from professionals and family.
This book is written from a child’s perspective and how she feels about her sister’s problem. Children ages 7-9 could understand it’s plot.
As I read this I wished how much easier it would of been for me to help others understand my grandson. They all couldn’t deal with his”weirdness”, but as he has aged and I work with him, he has came so far.
This book would be perfect to be given to families of children with disorders. I struggled with teachers not understanding ADHD, so now I home school him and he is so much better. Teachers need this book, all classrooms, principals and counselors. I am a strong advocate for fighting for the innocence of what these children are born with , but can’t help. Everyone needs to know they are not dumb or bratty children, they can’t help their actions. Actually, my 8 year old is highly intelligent, just don’t ask him to stand before a crowd and speak. He hasn’t reached that point yet.
Thank you to the author of this book and I would love to work with her in seeing that this book is spread all over our nation. Thank you for writing it Michele Gianetti – it is amazing!
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