Board Books are society’s response to the natural tendancy of toddlers and young children to eat, throw, cut, bend, and otherwise destroy books.  These sturdy books (eg. “Board Books”) are the best way to read to your little ones and introduce them to the fun of reading.  Meadowbook Press is a leading provider of classic stories in Board Books and in collaboration with Baby Genius, they have made some good ones!

I received four great books for review and am excited to share them with my little one.  The books I received include:

Microsoft Surface Book 3
  • The Wheels on the Bus – Sing ‘N Move Book
  • 5 Little Monkeys Jumpin’ on the Bed – Sing ‘N Count Book
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Sing ‘N Learn Book
  • 1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Elephants – Sing ‘N Count Book

I really belive books like these not only help benefit your kids with reading, but they also teach other great pre-academic skills.  I know my 5 year old learned a lot about numbers and sequencing because of his love for the 5 Little Monkeys song, and other similar ones.  These nursery rhymes help instill a sense of numbers, letters, and basic educational concepts that correlate well with early education.

The books are great, the stories are simple, but fun and educational.  These are books that you can let your young one handle and interact with.  They also make for great bedtime story adventures!

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