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Life is good for the Little Tiger-Striped Dog. He has food to eat, water to drink, a safe place to sleep and someone who loves him until one fateful day …
His world turns upside down when he is left alone in the country to fend for himself! Dropped-Off Dog (A Mostly-True “Tail”) tells the fictional history of a real dog and how he came to live in rural California’s San Joaquin Valley. After a journey from happiness and plenty through abandonment, hunger and fear, the Little Tiger-Striped Dog makes his way to a house with another “dropped-off dog” and two people who recognize his struggle. They adopt him and he “really, truly lives happily ever after.”
Dropped-Off Dog is a children’s picture book based on a real story about an animal. It is written to give children’s a stunning visual story with the theme of hope to raise awareness about the issue of animal abandonment and homelessness.


OK the first thing I must say about the whole Idea behind this book is “Very Cool”. To bring awareness to  the masses about what I would view as animal cruelty. What kind of person would take a dog into the country and just leave it there? Probably the same sort that abuses women and children.

This is a very attractive hard cover picture book written by Catherine Lagorio and very nicely illustrated by Robert Kelly, the pictures themselves tell a beautiful story.What actually starts out as a very nice story about a pet that seems to be living a very happy “Dog’s Life” turns very sad in a hurry. I think this is the perfect book to read to young children before they get a Dropped-Off-Dog-A-Mostly-True-Tail-1024x868dog or any other pet for that matter.It will teach them how important it is to care for their pet and how much these animals depend on its owner.How sad , lonely and scared  the animals can become if left to fend for themselves It’s also an easy read for young readers and the pictures help to follow along with the story.It shows what a difference one person can make in a pets life and how you are rewarded with the unconditional love they will give you.The kids will also learn that some people in this world are not very nice in the way they treat animals. Don’t worry though folks there is a happy ending and the Little Tiger-Striped Dog does indeed find a happy home once again.This is a must read for parents trying to teach their kids the right thing when it comes to their pets.

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About the Author

Catherine Lagorio
Catherine began her career as an elementary school teacher and earned her Master’s Degree in Language Development from Azusa Pacific University. She has always felt that using picture books in her curriculum helped to emphasize the teaching of any subject matter, even with older students. When she moved to the countryside and realized how many animals were abandoned there, she realized she had found her cause and decided to write her own picture book. Since then, she and her husband have become supporters of Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek, California, Dropped-Off Dog (A Mostly-True “Tail”) is her first book. She and her husband live in rural Stockton, California with their two dogs, Astro and Steve.




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