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Disney, “FROZEN”  is a must see family film.  This movie is fantastic.  I took my four year old daughter to the Movies for the first time and saw Frozen.  My daughter loved it as well.  The movie has a great storyline for both kids and adults.  The music in the film is also very pretty.  After the movie, I had to get the sound track and every time I put my IPOD on, this is the first album that my daughter requests.  I think that this is one of Disney’s best films and is unlike a traditional Disney movie plot in a few ways.

Frozen features a tale of two sisters-two princesses.    The older sister-Elsa protects Anna from her.  Some characters in the movie view Elsa as a villian, but really she is not.  Elsa is different than her sister, where she is born with certain magical powers that get can harm others around her.  Elsa’s parents decide that the best way to deal with Elsa’s powers are by isolating her from everyone around her including the one who loves her the most-her sister, Ana.  The movie shows how the two sisters love each other very much and how they have such a powerful bond.  The movie has a classic love story, but also one with a twist.  There is humor, sentimental pieces and lessons that the audience can draw from the movie.  The music, humor, beautiful picture and strong character development make this film one of Disney’s best!  This movie has been out for a couple months now, so hurry before it leaves the movie theater.  Plan a movie night with your family and see this must see film of the year!

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