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Remember back in the day? A long, long time ago. Back before Atari! Nintendo! X BOX! Or even the CELL PHONE! (Or are you too young to remember the “Ancient” times. Well, I do. I can actually remember when playing solitaire actually meant you had to play with a deck of playing cards. You know those things usually made out of paper and you would hold them in your hands.

These days if you play solitaire, it most likely would be on your Phone or maybe yourPlaying cards laptop. How many times do you get together with friends or family and when you look around most everyone has their cell phone in their hands. How about this! Maybe once in a while we should just put the Cell phone away and try something a little different. So, next time you all get together how about a card game? Yep, put out a deck of playing cards and see what happens. Better yet how about your own custom deck!

Unless you are maybe a Poker player, I bet you don’t even have a deck playing cards in the house. Well, it all depends on the game you want to play. But if you really want to have some fun have you ever thought about creating your own Custom playing cards? Thats right design your own playing cards

There are all sorts of games. Games for all ages, I always like the Matching game. Of Course, you can play with a normal deck of cards. But for kids why not make it more fun with colorful pictures. I recently received a pack of Custom playing cards from The Matching card game like I mentioned with fun summer themed pictures.

Aura print is a printing company that has recently launched a playing card printing service. It is pretty simple and a really great Idea.

Auraprint will customize playing cards to your specs   They can print playing cards on near-unlimited choices of paper types and weights

Choose from all the popular playing card sizes or input your own custom size

They can help you design your custom playing cards, with an in-house design team. Or you can design your own playing cards in Adobe Illustrator with the help of their design template. Give it a try it is great fun to have your own custom cards to play with or even just give away.

Custom playing cards are also a great marketing tool to promote your brand or give away as gifts to that potential client or handing them out at trade shows I think is a great Idea.  How about wedding favors, or any special event. Graduations, Anniversaries. There is no limit to the choices you have. It is all up to your imagination.

Check out these great cards below. We had fun Matching the pairs together. With the full deck it is not easy but it is great mental stimulation.

So I say put down that cell phone and play some cards…




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