The Inspiration Behind Dearest New York: A Love Letter to the Big Apple


by Deirdre Gartner

Dearest New York is a visual homage to The City That Never Sleeps. Authored by native New Yorker Deirdre Gartner, this compendium of starkly rich and uniquely personal images is her love letter to the city. Compiled through her high-profile “Girl in the Yellow Taxi NYC” Instagram and blog, she dedicates this book to all those who dream of the New York City that was and will always be. Packed with photos, illustrations, and guides to both the classic and off-the-beat architectural wonders, cafes, shops, and sundry hidden gems, Dearest New York reminds us of the vibrant spirit, elasticity, and resiliency that is New York City.

Born and raised in New York City I have explored every nook and cranny since I was a little girl. As a former fashion executive traveling the globe there was nothing more affirming than returning home and seeing the NYC skyline glistening in the distance as the plane headed for the tarmac.


After years of friends and family asking me to put together itineraries for them about where to go, what to see, what new restaurants or exhibits had just opened I decided to start an Instagram account and website featuring all my NYC finds named Girl in the Yellow Taxi NYC.


As my social media accounts grew, I started getting contacted by real estate companies, travel magazines, various websites and enthusiastic international and domestic travelers.


As the New York City started to recover from the pandemic and people were questioning New York’s recovery and tourists were trying to plan postponed trips to New York, I was approached by NYC Tourism asking how I could spread the word that New York is coming back and will be better than ever. I started a hundred-day project on Instagram, where each day for one hundred days I would highlight something beautiful or inspiring about the city. I received overwhelming responses and messages about how my photos and stories sparked loving memories of life celebrations, favorite eateries and shops but most of all a fervent desire to return to New York.

Many people asked if I would write a book and thus my love letter to New York was born, Dearest New York: A Love Letter to the Big Apple. Deirdre Gartner was born and raised in the city of New York City. She brings a uniquely personal and distinct perspective to the city that she adores. As a former fashion executive traveling the globe for years, nothing was more affirming and inspiring than when she would return home to Manhattan. Informed by her adventures abroad, this native daughter’s ardor and curiosity for all things New York led her to zealously document both the obvious and hidden that the city has to offer. Gartner’s extensive collection of lovingly curated photographs, stories, and historical details eventually led to the creation of the “Girl in the Yellow Taxi NYC” website and Instagram. Her work has been featured in Conde Nast India, the New York Board of Tourism, StreetEasy, and others. She has been a guest blogger for various websites and has created custom itineraries for her enthusiastic international and domestic followers.

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