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Konami announces the  first ever DanceDanceRevolution Music &  Motion Video Contest. Designed to inspire and challenge  both old and new fans to develop their own fitness-based DanceDanceRevolution  routine, the contest allows users to submit a recorded fitness  video and have it posted and promoted on for a chance to win a one-year  membership at Bally Total Fitness®, a Nintendo Wii˙ console,  DanceDanceRevolution Hottest  Party 3 bundle and more!   In order to qualify,  participants must create a :30 – :60 second fitness video by  using one of the songs from a designated track list  encompassing all of the DanceDanceRevolution Hottest  Party installments.   They will be judged on creativity,  skill, originality, and integration of fitness related  items.

Since it was first  introduced to North American video game consoles in 2001,  DanceDanceRevolution  has become known worldwide for its effectiveness as a fitness  and weight loss tool.    Each version of the game comes  with a user-friendly “Workout Mode” that allows players to  easily manage their personal information and watch the  calories melt away on a calorie counter located on screen.  

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The DanceDanceRevolution Music &  Motion Contest is just one of the fitness initiatives  surrounding the best-selling get-up-and-move video game in the  month of May.   Konami has also partnered with high-profile  sponsors including West Virginia Children Health Insurance  Program, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. and Wal-Mart  Stores, Inc. for the 2010 DanceDanceRevolution West Virginia  State Championship Tournament.

Contest  Information:

Date: May 10th – June 11th,  2010

How To Enter: To enter the  contest, contestants will need to create a :30 – :60 video of  their best DanceDanceRevolution  routine. Once their videos are perfected to their standards,  contestants must submit their video link through the Submit  Videos link on

Best Over All Video:  

  • Grand Prize: One  Year National Access Membership to Bally Total Fitness, one  Nintendo Wii console, and a DanceDanceRevolution Hottest  Party 3 bundle  
  • 1st Prize: One  DanceDanceRevolution  Hottest Party 3 bundle and one Heart Monitor Watch  
  • 2nd Prize: One  DanceDanceRevolution  Hottest Party 3 bundle

 Most Outrageous  Video: One DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party  3 bundle
 Most Humorous  Video: One DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party  3 bundle
 Most Creative  Video: One DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party  3 bundle
 Most Effective  Use of Outside Fitness based items: One DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party  3 bundle

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