The Card People 3
James Sulzer
ISBN:  978-0-9998089-8-6
Fuze Publishing
217 pages
“Amazing!”  James Sulzer has written ‘Crisis’ The Card People 3  a children’s fantasy novel that picks up right where ‘Identity Swap’ ends.  Thanks to nanotechnology and ‘nanodust’ Paul changes into something quite unbelievable, but James makes it make sense.  Paul, the Jack of Diamonds and a few other odd characters that you will not expect will show you how they save the country from the enemies that through nanotechnology gone bad can still be thwarted.
James has created a series that I will read again and will learn something new every time for at the end of this part there are discussion and study questions that will make the reader think about what they have read.  My favorites were on page 204 with the Extensions/Connections questions that would also make a good stand alone quiz for a civics lesson.  Another creative idea that he wrote was right at the beginning of the book with all the news reports for this was a great way to review what has happened so far from the other two books.  James Sulzer really knows how to use personification to its’ highest form in his writing.  According to the back cover this is the last in this trilogy, but I hope James decides to continue this series some time in the future maybe with a grownup Paul as the father.
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About the Author

James Sulzer was a teacher (gr 4 – 8) for 30 years and is now writing full-time. This trilogy had its starts when he was on a hiking trip with his fifth graders. One night, after a long day of hiking, they asked for a bedtime story. The tale of a group of smart, resourceful card people came to him on the spot, and the kids loved it and  he was encouraged to turn it into a novel. Later, in his sixth grade ELA class, they were his first editors, reading each chapter of the rough draft and giving feedback. They were great at spotting boring dialogue, and they let James know how much they loved quirky characters and conflict between the main characters–and they also loved the science in the book, the nanotechnology and AI.

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