Who doesn’t like comfort food? Now my American taste buds think of comfort food as something like good ol’ Mac-N-Cheese or Meatloaf. But This book Comfort Food written by JULIA CHEN is a little different. Working as a chef in London she has come up with some very interesting Comfort food recipe’s.Recipe’s from places like Wales,Ireland and of course England there is a little something for everyone. A few Fish dishes that I must say I didn’t try because I just don’t like fish all that much.But there are many that I was impressed with. And the deserts!Yum How’s Maple Syrup cake sound?

Comfort Food

There’s nothing quite like Comfort Food to put a smile on your face and a feeling of contentment in your stomach. Chef Julia Bettelheim is passionate about feeding people; from the students in her university kitchen to guests and family at home. From recipes that are as simple as a sandwich to as technical as a fruit cake, she knows the importance of creating delicious meals that are full of flavor and which always have budget in mind. Her recipes include easy to make classics and mouth-watering family favorites, using easy to find products that are fresh and economical. Fun, fast, indulgent and nurturing, there’s a time and a place for Comfort Food in every kitchen.

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  • About the author: Growing up in Wellington, New Zealand, British born Julia Bettelheim enjoyed an early start in the catering industry and as a teenager took lessons from a private chef. Her family then moved to Melbourne, Australia where she lived for the next twenty-two years and worked as a tupperware sales representative traveling the city providing cookery demonstrations and sharing recipes that were suitable for storing. After her divorce in 2008, Julia moved back to England where she now lives in Chatham, Kent and works as a chef in the kitchen of the cafe at UCL in London.

    Comfort Food For Kids

My recipe book of Comfort Food certainly is child friendly due to the simplicity of how the book has been laid out and the ingredients are all readily available. It has always been a fun experience baking with my mother in the kitchen when I was a child and as a parent myself with my children. Sometimes I barely had a bowl out on the bench and they knew I was baking. Then the question came “Mum! May I help you?” I could never say No!” 

A family favourite and is great for children is the chocolate cake. This takes about 15 minutes to mix together, pour into the tin and then bake it. My daughter would often come up with an excuse for baking and give a cake to someone special and she would be let loose in the kitchen to bake this cake on her own and there was never a problem. Only I was left with the dishes. It was this chocolate cake recipe that I entered into a baking competition and received an award.

Caramel crumble was another childhood favourite; my friend Andrea and I often got together when we were in the latter years of primary school and one of us would make the filling and the other the crumble mixture then we would join together and assemble the slice and then wait with bated breath for it to be baked and ready to eat.

Easy biscuits has a great deal of flexibility with the recipe as the ingredients make a large batch of dough then one can get children involved with things that can be added to the mixture like chocolate chips, cranberries, smarties coloured sprinkles etc… Even smaller children can help with mixing the dough, adding the extras and rolling the mixture into balls.

It is always a good idea that when one is going to do some baking to do more than one thing at a time as since you already have the oven on, it is energy efficient to be making more than one item. Cakes, with tray bake, or a slice; cookies and cake together: you’ve only turned on the oven once and you have some freshly baked goodies for the week.

It is always great to have children in the kitchen baking but it is also fun to have children making the main course as well. I used to ask my children what they would like for a meal that day out of a few options that appealed to me, then we would go to the supermarket for the ingredients and then make the dish together. When I did this with my children they got a great sense of satisfaction that they had helped me cook dinner and they also ate ingredients that they possibly would not have eaten otherwise.

Children love to grate, mix, mash stir and roll but I was always cautious with their use of a knife.


I have been making the courgette slice since my son was at nursery school and he always insisted on helping me by grating the courgette, and the cheese assembling the ingredients together and mixing them altogether.

The fish pie is a great one for children to help with as one can cheat right the way through this by using all ingredients that are already prepared including the mashed potato and all one does is cook the fish and assemble then cook it. Ask the child which vegetables they would like and give them a choice of about three and dinner is done in a few minutes and is a breeze.

I hope you have as much fun cooking with your children my Comfort Food Recipes as I have had cooking with my children.

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