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College text Books Rent instead of Buy

College textbooks–Rent instead of buy…

When it comes to college we all know it’s not cheap. With tuition,room and board (if in fact you live on campus) Unless you have a full scholarship you probably have a part time job on top of everything else.So if your a student,Parent of one or even a Mom or Dad going back to school you need to stretch your limited dollars.After all those expenses who wants to spend $100,$200 or more on a TEXT BOOK!  Save yourself a few bucks and checkout Campus Book Rentals Instead of buying that book why not rent it. It make perfect sense , instead of spending literally hundreds of dollars for a book that’s going to end up in a box in your basement you can save a few bucks now. For example if you are a business student and go to your local books store to buy a book called Multinational Business Finance it would cost you over $200 but go to Campus Book Rentals you could get it for the next 130 days for less than 40 bucks. Now if you already have a collection of books collecting dust on your shelf maybe you should rent those out.Yep rent them! Try out Rentback.com you can rent your own books over and over

One more reason to try this is for every text book Campus Book Rentals rents out they Donate a little bit to   Operation Smile

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