In BRISTOL HOUSE: A Novel, seasoned historical fiction writer and author of the CITY OF DREAMS series Beverly Swerling offers fans a mesmerizing new twist. Swerling has blended the vivid history of Tudor London with elements of a supernatural thriller for a riveting dual-period narrative. We’d love to offer you a review copy, and giveaway your readers, Q&A, or a guest post from Beverly. There are so many historical elements that inspired BRISTOL HOUSE you may be interested in a “Facts behind the Fiction” piece.

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Architectural historian Annie Kendall is a woman on a mission to save herself and rebuild her life. A recovering alcoholic, she arrives in London on an assignment from the head of the Shalom Foundation, a mysterious employer obsessed with a sixteenth-century figure only known as the “Jew of Holborn.” When she sublets an old-fashioned flat in Bristol House, her enigmatic mission only becomes more complicated when she encounters the phantom of a long dead Carthusian monk in the back bedroom. Not to mention that her slow-building love affair is with a man who appears to be the ghost’s present-day double.

Leaping back to the 1530s, the dark cloud of religious persecution hangs over a very different London. The Jew of Holborn, a goldsmith, and Dom Justin, a Carthusian monk with questionable allegiances, tell their story from “the Waiting Place,” as they try to untangle a sixteenth century knot with enormous twenty-first century implications.

BRISTOL HOUSE blends the best elements of a haunting supernatural thriller and intricately detailed historical fiction. Below my signature you can find more information on BRISTOL HOUSE and Beverly.

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