Book Review: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer


I was thinking about reviewing Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer when I happened upon this site.  It is hilarious and she does such an amazing job that I am directing you to Cleolinda’s site  if you want an in depth and fun review.


  1. This review cracked me up!

  2. I have read the partial draft of midnight sun posted by stephenie meyer on her website

  3. it was awsome very
    idd like to read breaking dawn
    maybe ill have the book reserve for that
    and im still counting on to their next movie

  4. ive read tiwlight and im on eclipse i cant wait to read breaking dawn but i really cant wait to read midnight sun ! im so excited but on of her interviews said that she might not release it because it got leaked like all over and that would really suckkk ! i rreaaallllyy like her books. she should really publish midnight sunnn. edward probably has like so many secrets he hasnt told bella.

  5. why!!!! i love edward hes so sweet! but i am on team switzerland!!

  6. I love Jasper and Emmett and Edward And ALICE aand Stephenie Meyer should keep wrighting Midnight sun She awesome at Twilight

  7. I read all the Books Like twilight and New Moon And Eclipse and Breaking Dawn I want to read midnight Sun somebody tell me where i can read it on the internet i i think that was wrong what somebody did to say she was wrighting midnight sun I hate who ever said she was wrighting it she could be wrighting any minute now I WANT TO READ IT BAD

  8. I L0VE THE TWILIGHT BOOK, I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THEM!!!!!!!! stepheniemeyer should NEVER STOP wrighting them {{i know i wouldn’t mind if she didn’t stop :)}} i love every one in the book especially eward, bella, jacob, alice and bella’s baby girl.! I REEAALLYY THINK STEPHENIE MEYER SHOULD FIND FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN.! i have only read the first capter and i LLLOOOVVVEEE IT.!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve got 11 pivtures of jacob black on my wall and 18 in total of twilight, im planning to get a shirt haha.!

  9. Kryshna Monrose says:

    I cant imagine a word to describe Jacob while reading both new moon and eclipse my dislike for Jacob grew i even thratened to stop reading when Edward left that mongrel to be with Bella honestly i would break his jaw myself.newayz I read all the books and looking forward to New Moon the movie and also i hope there is talk on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn making it to the big screen i am a complete fan.

  10. I am ADDICTED to these books! Stephainie Meyer totally needs to finish Midnight Sun. If you google Midnight Sun you can read 264 pages of the rough draft! I LOVE it x 10! BTW Kryshna i would totally help you break Jacob’s jaw. He is such a jerk!
    GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love the Twilight books. I think that Stephanie Meyer did us a huge favor by giving us the world of Twilight. I feel bad that someone leaked Stephanie’s Midnight Sun(retelling of Twilight from Edward’s perspective) out on the internet. I went on her website and read the legal partical draft of Midnight Sun and I have to say that just by reading the first 12 chapters, that I have a better understandment of the story and of Edward and his family. It’s amzing what Stephanie Meyer can do with a piece of paper and a pen. I think that Stephanie Meyer should finish Midnight Sun because it would explain so much, like why did Edward do this or that. I know that she said that she does not feel comfortable about contuining writing Midnight Sun because people already know some of it, but those of us Twilighters that have read it will help her finish this book. Some of us want more if the Twilight world that Stephanie Meyer gave us.

  12. sammycrum says:

    omg i love edward god i wish i could find a guy like him i wont my edward cullen.

  13. Annoyed says:

    At 22, I really truly hope teenage girls are not buying this crap. It makes me sick. A guy in real life by Edward’s description is BAD NEWS. No kidding…

  14. This is a reply to “annoyed”, i am 15 year old girl and i love the twilight books. I know you have a right for your own opinion but i disagree with what you have said about, if edward was real, he would be bad news. this is simply in my view not true. Edward loves bella so much that he would give up everything for her and do anything for her… how can someone who would do that for you possably be bad? impossible, is the answer. 🙂

  15. #1fan of Twilight says:

    What would make Stephanie Meyer write another copy of Twilight from a different point of view?

    I think Stephanie Meyer should write from where she left off in Breaking Dawn. She has worked really hard and probably needs a break from writing so much. Me and my friend stick with our opinion that we L L O O V V E E the series of Twilight! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Μεσάνυχτα Κυριακής says:

    Im not sure if Stephenie Meyer will ever read this dear comment but you the reader are. I am a Twilight fan and mean no disrespect towards Stephenie Meyer. However I am extremly dissapointed with her childishness and uncompsionate dissposition in not releasing Midnight Sun. We the fans really want to hear more more about Edward since we already got Jacobs perspective. It is only fair that we hear Edwards point of view because you have already written it and by with holding the book you deny us the liberty of the Pursuit of Happiness. Sometimes you must swallow your own pride for the greater good of man kind. Also the leak of Midnight Sun was only of a small portion of the book. It was more of a teaser than an actual leak. Furthermore you said you knew who leaked it and they were a trusted individual. Don’t you think they were doing it for their immense respect to you. Admittedly it was an idiotic impulse that has caused all the fans to go haywire. Please release it, if not for our sake but for the sake of proving that you are not a stubborn child but a benevolent and established author. Thankyou. I suggest other fellow fans to paste this on other reviews and chain mails or write your own petitions. Thanks again. And remember the only way that Stephenie will Release Midnight Sun is if the people sway her to do so.(The Power of the People)

  17. Cameron luvs Twilight says:

    OMG I love Twilight and the other books,Stephanie Meyer,PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEASE publish Midnight Sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely love both Edward & Jacob,I can’t choose
    between them.I also love Jasper,Emmett and even Carlisle.
    And in reply to ‘Annoyed’,I am 12 and agree with ‘Twilightlover’,Edward would die for Bella.It would Rock if he was real.
    Reading the Twilight books makes me want to be a vampire!!!!!! LOL

  18. errrmmm .. i think that stephanie meyer should carryon with writing midnight sun


  20. I really really liked these books!! I really want her to do another book on what happens to the cullens and jacob and all the rest after the confrontation with the Volturi. anyone else??

  21. hey i have read all the books and i think they are amazing and i cant wait till midnight sun gets published well if it does with all the news going on at the moment you just dont no what to believe well i cant wait till all the books are made it to films it will be so cool and i love jacob and edward jacob the best lol
    love everything my best books are eclipse and breaking dawn!!!

    thank you best books i have ever read !!!!

  22. Haha! I was just reading Cleolinda’s reviews at work (I know, I know, bad Caroline!) and I couldn’t stop giggling – my boss was getting so suspicious that I had to stop and get back to reading about carbon capture and storage *sigh*… Thanks for the redirect though – brightened up my Tuesday… 😀

  23. I think the books are great and the movies are good also. I dont know if anyone else got this feeling when they read the books or watched the movies but i had this feeling like wow what if this was real. but also i had this feeling that was had a stomach ache i loved it so much.

  24. Team Stephanie says:

    Stephanie, you are amazing! I would love to have even an ounce of your creativity. The only thing I would change about the Twightlight Saga is that it has ended…. If you wrote another 100 books about Edward, Bella, Jake, Nessie etc… I would read them ALL. Brilliant!

  25. Stephanie Meyer is an outstanding person. i have read twilight new moon eclipse breaking dawn and cant wait 2 read midnight sun.

  26. wow!i cant believe how much i missed in the 4 twilight books.i have to read midnight sun

  27. twilight does break the dawn of my imaginations.newmoon made me .eclipse made me partial.breaking dawn made me write my own vampire story.midnight sun made me ask what am i and i threw away my half written story knowinn im nothing

  28. I have read a total of 264 pages of midnight sun. I am amazed with the writing it makes me smile at the minor mistakes she made with the grammer in the book. But thats ok shes just human. Its sad that there is no contiuation of the twilight series but however there is no epolouge. I think that is stephanie meyors wants to stop writing the series she should find out what the left over questions that are left unanswered by twilight lovers, and then write the twilight series epolouge that answers those questions and complete the story officially. For example will renesme and jacob get married and where is diego? will they meet up? soo many stories could evolve from the ending of breaking dawn

  29. who is this idiot which doesn’t like edward…. 😛

  30. Are u mad. Edward is a main actor of Twlight. and Jacob is so bad.

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