Awesome Achievers in Technology:

Super and Strange Facts about 12 Almost Famous History Makers



Awesome Achievers is one Awesome book. Geared towards kids it’s a great resource on little known history makers. These Alan KatzAwesome  Achievers actually changed the way we live. I’m old enough to remember going into arcades or even a bar wayyyyyy back in the 70’s and playing Space Invader and my wise’s favorite back then Pac Man. Yes I even used to play PONG! Why bring this up? Well the first Achiever this book talks about is Nolan Bushnell, a Co founder of Atari. This dude even founded Chuck E.Cheese.

There are eleven more of these type of folks introduced in this book.All in a fun 112 page book complete with jokes and funny little sketches to keep the kids interested. Many of these technology creations most kids would find interesting that they just take for granted. How about the person behind the beginning of Microwave technology.My favorite has gotta be The ever amazing T.V.REMOTE CONTROL . Now I ask you where would we be without THAT?

Like I said before this is a fun well put together collection of fun facts to introduce the kiddo’s to. each chapter ends with questions and some silly jokes.


Book Summary

From Alan Katz’s new Awesome Achievers series, Awesome Achievers in Technology gives kids a look behind the scenes at 12 lesser-known inventors whose contributions to tech are personally relevant to their lives today. Each figure is given a traditional biography but is also subject to Katz’s unique brand of silliness, with humorous elements such as imagined poems, song lyrics, and diary entries by and about the not-so-famous figure accompanying each bio.

Spot illustrations throughout add to the lighthearted and appreciative humor each figure receives. Reluctant readers and budding tech enthusiasts alike will delight in this imaginative and engaging introduction to a new series of laugh out loud biographies.





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