A Door That Opens to a Dark, Suspenseful Spiritual World

The door the netherworld along with its consequences to us.  Richard J. Herr and Stanford Erickson has created a mystery story that covers spiritualism along with practicality, and even with romance and friendship.  ‘The Door’ is also a story of good and evil.  This is the story of Robert and Abigale a couple who are involved but is it good for either of them.  Robert seeks information into his aunt’s death, which leads him into various circumstances to search for answers he needs and deserves to find out for he needs to move on with his life.  Richard and Stanford created a novel that includes a side of spiritualism and the occult as a background for a murder mystery that will have the reader figuring who is really telling the story.  The illustrations are drawn to me as charcoal drawings on a gray background to show emphasis to what is written in words in a more concise manner.  ‘The Door’ to nowhere is a symbol for I have really seen houses that do have a door to nowhere that do have a practical side and learning why the doors are there.  Richard and Stanford show through the characters how one relationship can affect many.  ‘The Door’ is definitely a page-turner and yet a somewhat quiet read that will make you think.________________________________________________________________________________


When Elsie McKenzie mysteriously dies while working on an investigative book that is critical of a local spiritual camp that conducts seances and psychic readings, her nephew, Robert, a retired detective, begins investigating. It isn’t until Abigale Cruz, the attractive director of the camp and head psychic, uses all of her psychological and physical charms to convince Robert to end his investigation that he finds himself caught in the middle of something darkAthey get closer, Robert notices things are a little off about Abigale and that the people closest to her usually end up dead.


About the Authors

Richard J. Kerr worked athe Central Intelligence Agency for over thirty years, reaching the position of acting director. After retirement, he worked aaadvisor fora number of government agencies and served on corporate boards.

Stanford Erickson was a bureau chief, magazine reporter, and newspaper editor in Washington, DC and New York. In his career he interviewed presidents and world leaders and was the head of international public relations for the largest containership company in the world. He is the author of several books including Ranking U.S. Presidents from Washington to Trump and has written plays and poetry.

Richard J. Herr  & Stanford Erickson2022ISBN:  978-1-63758-348-7Post Hill Press196 pages

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