iPad TabletOkay. So the headline might be overstating things a tad, but the Apple iPad Tablet is unquestionably one of the most anticipated and hyped product releases in recent memory. All you have to is check out “Google Trends”, a monitoring of top Google searches to see that 9 of the current top 10 most searched Google terms is related to the iPad (Baseball player “Randy Winn”) the exception.

Popular iPad Tablet searches include:

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Apple CEO and leader Steve Jobs presented the new Apple eReader at a seminar today. While Jobs mentioned the Apple iPad Tablet can run iTunes movies, games, and a whole bunch of different applications, he also said Apple will have a digital bookstore called iBooks, a direct competitor of Amazon’s Kindle.  It was described as “between a phone and a netbook”.  It has a touch keyboard and a late March release date.  It will be $499 with 16G storage and $130 additional with 3G wirless capability.

Another cool feature of the Apple iPad Tablet that it will be environmentally friendly.  In conjunction with Apple’s “greener” mission, the iPad will not have arsenic, mercury, BFR and PVC.  It will be more recyclable that comparable products.

Apple iTablet preview contributed by Neil

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