ANYA and the Power Crystal


   Book two of the Cupolian Series

      A Fantasy Novel for Young Adults

by  N.A. Cauldron


Unfortunately I did not read Anya and the Secrets of Cupola which is the first book in this very entertaining fantasy novel adventure. I don’t think it really mattered but it always nice to be familiar with the characters and their back story. Never the less it was quite easy to get into  book two. Just a quick note here to help YOU understand, Anya is a young teen and obviously our main character in the story. In typical “Fantasy World ” fashion her and her friends and companions are sent on a Quest to find The POWER CRYSTAL .

anyaWhat;s the power Crystal you ask? Well you know I can’t tell you that.(Ya gotta read the book to find out) Now about the book itself.It starts out with a bang. The first ten pages grab you. *Spoiler Alert* Lighting bolts fly Wizard against Wizard, Brother Against Brother. ““To become  a Skinwalker. A beast so vile it can only be formed by the most heinous of sins,the murder of your own blood.”

Next page next chapter the story totally shifts to another time and place a whole different tone and what seems a completely different story.The way this story is put together it makes you want to keep reading.What does that first chapter have to do with these young teens? Not only is this a fantastical and magical adventure BUT! It’s got some nice mystery and intrigue mixed in just to make it more interesting. Our young adventurers soon discover that all is not what it seems. There is a lot more to their world then they have been taught. They begin to wonder what’s really going on. Does their Queen have some devious plan up her sleeve? Why are they chosen for this quest.

It’s fun following these young people in their quest and see them grow more confident and capable in their own abilities.This story is very appealing to young fans of the Genre.Magic,Wizards,Dwarves and Fairies c’mon now what more do you need…

A Dragon? Oh yeah it’s got that too!

I really like how the author ended the book.It’s a perfect jumping off point for Book Three.

From lost colonies to fairies and even the fabled skinwalker,

Anya, Taika, and Gevin find out what really lies outside the

walls of Cupola. Will they survive?

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About the Author

N. A. Cauldron grew up on the outskirts of modern Cupola. As a young child, she enjoyed listening to the tales told of Cupolian’s history. This ultimately led to a successful career as a research historian and her recent authorship of historical fiction. She is an avid herbologist, and spends her free time hunting out and collecting rare herbs for her potion making. She is especially fond of the snaggled tooth humpmoss, and has been known to spend weeks at a time on fungal expeditions.

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