Adventures with

Divot and Swish

in Costa Rica 

   The Superpower of Courage


Beth Brown, PhD   (Illustrated by: Charlotte Strickland

This is a world of discovery as we learn about living with others.  Beth Brown, PhD has written a picture book for children who like sports and travel adventures in ‘Adventures with Divot and Divot & Swish in Costa RicaSwish in Costa Rica The Superpower of Courage’.  A fun and colorful picture book. It has great illustrations that helps adds to the story.

Who are Divot and Swish?

Divot is a golf ball with grass shorts and Swish is a basketball hoop for a head.  Divot and Swish are two friends who has a friend named Sammy, the surfer and their adventure in Costa Rica begins in the jungle.  They learn the basics and how to stay safe for these two characters are very different as the reader follows the story the characters are gaining courage in each their own ways and learning a new sport.

Beth Brown, PhD has written a picture book that reads almost like an epic poem from four lines in each stanza.  This would make it easy for teachers who use trade books to teach reading and social skills and even some rhyme scheme that makes this a fun read.

Charlotte Strickland has created artwork from the cover throughout the book very appealing to the eye and even gives the essence of Costa Rica.

Come travel the world with Divot & Swish as they meet new friends and learn superpowers through playing sports!

The summer sun is shining bright as Divot & Swish adventure in Costa Rica!

Their new friend Sammy the Surfer takes the duo to the beach to teach them how to surf for the first time. Nervous and afraid, Divot & Swish follow Sammy’s lead, trying to paddle, balance and stand on their surf boards.

Will Divot & Swish find the superpower of courage it takes to have an incredible adventure surfing with the fish?

ISBN:  13:  978-1-7351700-0-8
Divot & Swish Publishing
45 pages

About the Author

  Beth Brown, Ph.D., is a life-long educator on a mission to inspire families and kids to have fun, become more active and learn life lessons through sports in her children’s book series Adventures with Divot & Swish.

After picking up a basketball at age 2 and swinging her first golf club at age 8, Beth was hooked on sports. Her youth sport participation paved the way for her collegiate success as a member of the University of Oklahoma basketball and conference champion women’s golf teams.

As her love for sports continued, she realized the unique opportunity sport has to impact not only physical abilities, but life skill development as well. This led Beth to earn her Ph.D. in sports psychology at the University of Kansas. Since then, she’s gone on to influence and impact thousands through her roles as a golf coach, an educational program developer at The First Tee and LPGA-USGA Girls Golf, and founder and owner of the consulting agency, Team Aureus.

Beth’s first title, Adventures with Divot & Swish in Costa Rica: The Superpower of Courage is a colorful children’s book chronicling the adventures of the title characters as they try to muster up the courage to surf in the ocean, and not fall off their boards.

When she isn’t writing the next adventure for Divot & Swish, Beth enjoys cheering on her beloved Sooners, riding her bike, and spending time with family, friends, and puppy Truman. She is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation and lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

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