We’ve been doing a lot of Kids and Y/A books lately so here’s something for you Moms out there…
I don’t usually read the so called “Chiclit” books myself ( not being a chick after all) but after visiting the author’s ( Zara Kingsley) Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. I became a Fan. Zara has what I’d call a Subtle Wit. The sense of humor behind her writing moral_dilemmais what hooked me. The book did not disappoint.

The entire time I was reading it I was thinking what a good movie this would make. A good book for me has great Characters, a great plot and great writing. It’s plot is fairly original with actually a bit of a surprise ending in the last few chapters. I think it’s hilarious. What makes it so funny for me is both Zara’s writing style with the subtle turn of a phrase along with the cast of character’s.

The main character is Rebbeca Hardy and as we follow her through the story we meet her friends and acquaintances. Each one has their own quirky personalities and storylines. It’s hard to “pick a favorite character but outside of Rebbecca I’ve gotta go for Gustard ( what an Idiot ) Hey ladieeez”…an oriental Rapper Wanna-be he walks around the fitness club chanting his Mantra-“ Bitches and hoe’s, bitch’s and hoe’s” and wonders why he can’t get a date! The other characters? Well there’s Abigail the Nymhpo, Portia the gold digger, Julia the conscious, Isabella Coombs the rich society bitch, and many more we won’t go into at the moment.

What I failed mention is this all takes place in London and so I actually  was a bit lost sometimes knowing little about London and all things British.As had to research a few things like Ladies day at Ascot? I think the Brits must say Whilst a lot. Well anyway…
A little bit about the story…

When one catches one’s longtime boyfriend sitting in a pub with his hand up some strumpet’s skirt one start’s to think about her life. One then kick’s the lying cheating toe-rag out of it.
Such is the life of Rebecca Hardy. . So what does she do? She confides in her friends Abby and JuJu (Julia) over some concoction of Brandy and Coke and throws all Jeremy’s stuff into garbage bags . Becky will wake up the next morning and start life anew.
The next day after forgetting to set her alarm as she rushes to work wondering how she will be able to afford her beautiful Apartment and pay her bills without “HIS” Salary.
Rebecca loved her job working as a beauty therapist in THE most exclusive Beauty Salon in London Pamper Moi. The only drawback was her boss Gwendolyn who Becky felt was only waiting for an excuse to fire her and of course that awful co-worker that prissy Portia.
After fretting over her overdue bills for a few days she gets called into Gwendolyn’s office thinking it’s her last day making things even worse (cant pay the bills with no Job) .She learns she’s to make a audrey-hepburnhouse visit to Socialite Isabella Coombs. Sooooo with one last look at her picture of Audrey Hepburn she keeps in her locker armed with only her beauticians case off she goes with no idea her life is about to change yet again. Can she actually do what is being asked of her? Is it Morally wrong? That’s a lot of cash.
I’ll talk it over with JuJu.
“Rebecca you are not seriously thinking of doing this?!”
“Julia, that’s a given. I just need to know which one of these outfits to wear…and how I do it!”
“Well I don’t know Rebecca,” she said scathingly. “What does a loose woman with no morals wear in order to seduce someone else’s husband!”
And there it is-what follows is a fun and wild ride around the city of London what she discovers about the people around her and of herself is quite surprising. It’s quite fun finding out how everyone is all interconnected.
Read this book it’s well worth it and is available as an e-book for only a buck. You can’t go wrong . If you like Romantic Comedies you’ll love this. As Zara says in her Blog  “No smut here”just funny funny stuff.
About the Author

Zara Kingsley was born and still lives in London , A Chick lit and Romcom Writer,Calls herself a  Frustrated Lover, Yummy Mummy, Dreamer,and Red Wine Connoisseur. She writes what she calls  British ChickLit. A Moral Dilemma is her first book and is now busy working on her second in the series.Can’t wait to see what happens to Rebecca and the gang…

Will JuJu finally get Married?
Will Gustard ever get a date?
Will Isabella get what she deserves?
Do those facial exercises really work?
Will the gang make it back to Ascot?

Will Abby ever get “satisfaction”
Will Gustard ever benchpress more than 80 LBs without crushing his Layrnx?
To Purchase this wonderful Book
A Moral Dilemma   and Now available in paperback Paperback- A Moral Dilemma
And for you Brits.. A Moral Dilemma

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