The Complete Photographer by Tom Ang is a dream book for both amateur and professional photographers. As an amateur I soaked in each chapter and learned many great techniques. Each chapter is dedicated to one form of photography. Ang covers everything from portrait, sports, documentary, fine arts and much more. Inside each chapter he gives you what seems like a vast amount of information in one chapter.

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For instance in the last chapter on Fine Arts photography, we first get an introduction and history of fine arts.   Following are several pages of tutorials showing the reader how to look for light, contrast and more.   The analysis invites you to learn how to examine a photograph’s composition, focus and texture.   Ang interviews and follows a professional photographer that specializes in that type of photography.   There are moment by moment pictures showing us how the photographer works.   Each chapter also includes an assignment to go out and practice capturing our own images of what we learned.

I was inspired by the beautiful photographs and the photographer’s process.   The Complete Photographer is clearly written, easy to follow and inspiring.   It made me want to go out and practice, practice, practice! 

  • Hardcover: 400 pages
  • Publisher: DK Publishing (July 19, 2010)
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