Zoey’s Post-It Notes

                      by Jeff & Zoey Steiner

Zoey is a fifth grader at Pleasant Gap Elementary.
Zoey’s Post-zoeyIt Notes is her story about how she dealt with bullying and other things that most youth deal with in school and life.

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Although I have not met the young Lady I would venture to say that Zoey Steiner is not your average 10 year old girl.

What would most kids her age do when life doesn’t quite go right? Oh I don’t know ,whine complain to Mom and dad , shut down? Nope! Not Zoey, she came up with quite an original concept to deal with life’s little headaches. Whether it was a bully by the name of Wilson or the catty little girls of Pleasant Gap Elementary.

Anytime she came upon a problem or obstacle she had a problem  .Or something in her own personality she felt she needed to improve she would make a note. Actually a Post- It note and stick it to her bedroom wall. She would see it when she went to bed and when she woke up to start a new day.


                             GET THE PICTURE?

So anyway the kind of reads like a diary. Each chapter would represent a day in the life of Zoey. When she saw something important she wrote a Post it to herself. One time she realized the way she wanted to be treated by others is the way she should treat others. Resulting in  a simple “Be Nice” Post-it to herself. this a great little book (E-Book) for now for kids to read and help them understand that life is what you make it.

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So start the new year off right and check this one out…

   ZOEY with a word of Advice


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