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This book is part of the Starlette University Series.  This book is a rhyme-“sing song” book designed for pre-schoolers.   The book is about the life of a little toddler: Lil’ Lilly.  Lil’ Lilly wants to be a star like her big sister Sky-lar.  Lil’ Lilly adores her big sister.   Lil’ Lilly says her life is like a stroller coaster, (roller?) coaster.    Lil’ Lilly’s life is an adventure, both good and bad.  From little Ollie-little boy, who grabs her hair, to taking baths-but baths are good with her rubber ducky, to good points of a little toddler’s life-like kissing her big sis, or wearing all her bows.    Lil’ Lilly has her idols in the Starlette University and then she fears the villain-Eva of Starlette University.  The author uses analogies and has words written as a toddler would talk-then has the correct word or concept that the author is trying to get across.

I thought this book was okay.  The book is cute, filled with rhyme.  I am not sure if a preschooler would understand the analogies used in the book or the type of style the book is written.  The book is a little too mature for a preschooler to understand.  The author intended this book to be written for a preschooler, but not sure if they would understand all of the analogies.  The preschooler would enjoy the pictures in the book.  The pictures are detailed and colorful.  The characters are well drawn too.  I think the child would enjoy the book but not totally understand the book, but the child would still understand the plot of the book.  Read this book with your child to see what you think of the book.


About the Author:  Kathy Johnson is a lawyer, a web narrator and of the Starlette University Series.  Kathy Johnson also has a daughter who was a beauty queen.

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