We’ll Get Through This Together!
Ulrike Szalay/Canines-N-Kids Foundations
Illustrated by: Roberta Maravelli
The Canines-N-Kids Foundation is working to put an end to the cancers children and our canine best friends BOTH develop – devastating cancers including bone and brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia.
Who doesn’t like a a dog or some kind of animal to hug when you are sick and/or in a hospital for various reasons?  Ulrike Szalay has written a story about a little boy and a dog who are both sick with a form of Cancer .We see how the dog is cheering up the little boy and the little boy is cheering up the dog.  The story goes on to describe the hospital and what happens there to make a person feel better with the kinds of treatments they may receive to get to feel better.  Both the boy and the dog think of ways of making themselves feel better as well. This is when the author shows the psychological aspect of getting better, as the boy is seeing himself playing baseball and the dog sees himself just being around the boy running.
The cover picture and the pictures that are drawn for the story are done in vivid, primary colors along with words were perfect to get the message across to all the readers young and old.  This would be a good book to use as an assist for counselors, social workers, and nurses who care for patients suffering from various diseases as well as Cancer.  This is a book that can help us all beat the effects of Cancer medically and maybe even financially with the research that is going on and conquer this disease and many others.  The epilogue of the book was factual and easy to understand that told us of the research being done in just so many words.  My favorite picture of the book was the last one with the kid and the dog in the heart for this made my heart go out to the children, animals and all who care for these sick kids and animals who are living and dealing with Cancer.

Hospitals and treatments can be scary when you’re a child and have been diagnosed with cancer or any other life-threatening illness. In We’ll Get through This Together, a black lab accompanies a young boy going through cancer treatment. From entering the hospital, to meeting the doctors and nurses, to taking medicine, the patient and the dog journey side by side.

Told from the lab’s perspective, this picture book for children offers comfort and provides reassurance that they’ll get through it together.

In addition, We’ll Get through This Together explains the profound connection between children, our canine best friends, the cancers they both develop, and the promise of comparative cancer research to speed the development of new and better medicines for both. All proceeds from the sale of this book go toward Project Hearts-N-Tails, a program of the Canines-N-Kids Foundation.

ISBN:  978-1-4808-7956-0  (sc)
ISBN:  978-1-4808-7957-7  (e)                                      We’ll Get Through This Together

The Canines-N-Kids Foundation

is committed to funding cutting edge research to                                                                                    
  help children and our canine best friends beat the devastating cancers they
BOTH develop. With one gift you can help us fund research that can help save two lives:

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About the Author

Ulrike Szalay is founder of the Canines-N-Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to end to the cancers that kids and their canine best friends both develop. Since 2016, the organization has melded science and medicine to speed the development of new and better drugs for both these vulnerable cancer patient groups. Szalay’s business background includes more than a dozen years in small biotech (oncology). She has three children and is a devoted dog mom who lives in northern Virginia with her family.

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