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A recent report on ABC News stated that around two-thirds of children believe that people who wear glasses are more honest and smarter. While researchers may find the opposite to be true – giving no direct correlation between vision correction and intelligence, it’s interesting to see how kids view eyeglasses considering some children are still picked on for wearing eyeglasses.

It’s natural for a child to reject something new, like eyeglasses but there are a few books out there that can help you teach your children that wearing glasses can be a positive experience. Here’s a short list of some phenomenal books to help your child understand the importance of wearing glasses:

  • Princess Peepers by Pam Calvert and Tuesday Mourning: Princess Peepers is no regular princess – she wears eye glasses and teaches young girls to be true to who they are. She also finds herself in some odd places because she’s not always wearing her glasses! Through her adventures, she teaches little girls the importance of wearing frames for better sight. Genre: little girls who are into princesses.
  • What Can Pinky See by Lucy Cousins: Pinky is introduced as wearing glasses because he needs to see well. His adventures teach kids that there’s a magical experience in wearing glasses because you can see better. Genre: young children who need vision correction, specifically toddlers to 4 years-old.
  • All the Better to See You With! by Margaret Wild: Kate is the only child in a rather large family that needs glasses. She’s shy and quiet and never quite understands that the images she sees are fuzzy and not quite right – until she gets glasses. Her world changes and, through her adventures, children can learn to cope with being the “only one” with glasses in the family. Genre: Young kids with siblings who don’t wear glasses and also school-aged children who are the first of the friends to need vision correction.
    Some other great books for kids who need glasses or wear glasses are:
  • The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon
  • Glasses, Glasses Oh What Do I See? by Karen Smith Stair
  • Blueberry Eyes by Monica Driscoll Beatty
  • All Children have Different Eyes by Edie A Glaser, Maria R Burgio, and Doina Paraschiv

Talking to your kids about their vision and the need for glasses is important when attempting to keep them from throwing their glasses off. The above books can help but it’s important to remember that kids learn from example. If you wear glasses, sometimes the best way to teach your child about proper eye wear care is to lead by example.

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